Before You Walk for Breast Cancer

Before You Walk for Breast Cancer

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people participate in breast cancer walks and runs across the U.S. Some of these walks have become huge affairs that are hosted by multi-million dollar charities and sponsored by multi-billion dollar corporations that raise millions to “end breast cancer.”

If you want to be sure your time and money are truly making a difference, here are four easy questions to ask before participating in or donating to a breast cancer walk.

"Drilling Down Into Health Impacts"

From the fracking fields in Kern County to urban oil drilling in Los Angeles, community members are feeling the impacts of this toxic industry on their own health, and that of their children and loved ones. Fracking relies on toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer and other health issues.

Watch the recording of an important public forum to hear people’s stories about living next to toxic drill sites and fracking wells, learn the science behind their experiences, and what we can do to end this toxic practice.