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Donate Original PhotoOur independent voice still depends on your support

By Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director Breast Cancer Action Our name Breast Cancer Action says it all! Taking action together is a direct stand against the breast cancer industry and it’s the only way we will address and end this public health and social justice crisis. We need... Read more
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SP16_photo-donatebuttonYour support is at the heart of our independence

We have no giant pharmaceutical industry or cosmetics corporation bankrolling us. To do this work, we need to raise $10,000 by the end of May. Read more
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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInvest in a healthier world

Our ability to stand up to corporate polluters and profiteers depends on YOU, and other grassroots network of supporters like you. Read more
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300px FINAL VISUALWe’ve created quite the ruckus about breast cancer walks

We’ve been asking important questions about these fundraising events—and we couldn’t have gotten the word out without you. Read more
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BCA_logo_CMYK_box_urlDemand Your Congressmembers Take Us Forward on Chemical Safety Laws

We need you to make sure legislators do not pass a bill which could take us backward on toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer and other health problems. Read more
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Bridget (2)“The Pink, Festive Atmosphere of Breast Cancer Walks Is an Assault to All that I’ve Lost”

The almost festive atmosphere, pink for miles, and warrior mindset is in some ways upsetting to me as it reminds me of all that has changed, all that I've lost personally, and all the friends I've lost due to metastatic disease. Read more
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Valerie Deering photo2“I Lost My Career, Home, Hair and Hope—But You Won’t See That Reality at a Komen Walk”

It’s important to feel the sense of community that these walks create, but unfortunately, many of us don't question where the money is going and which women feel supported—and Komen banks on that. Read more
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tb4up-stickerFree Webinar: A Closer Look at Breast Cancer Walks

Join us to learn more about the politics of breast cancer walks and runs and how we can demand accountability and transparency in breast cancer fundraising. Read more
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300pxEDITEDmomandme_MakingStridesWhy I Stopped Walking for Breast Cancer

"The dying are not welcome at The Walk when you are trying to sell a cure they’ll never see." Read more
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Questions to Ask Before You Walk4 Questions to Ask Before You Walk for Breast Cancer

In a few weeks, breast cancer industry giants like Komen and Avon will kick off their annual breast cancer walks and runs. But before you lace up your sneakers or pull out your checkbook, be sure to exercise your mind by asking these 4 questions. Read more
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