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Questions to Ask Before You Walk4 Questions to Ask Before You Walk for Breast Cancer

In a few weeks, breast cancer industry giants like Komen and Avon will kick off their annual breast cancer walks and runs. But before you lace up your sneakers or pull out your checkbook, be sure to exercise your mind by asking these 4 questions. Read more
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Questions to Ask Before You WalkBreast Cancer Action Urges Women to Ask Questions Before They Participate in Breast Cancer Walks and Runs

Breast Cancer Action (BCAction), the watchdog for the breast cancer movement, encourages would-be participants or donors of large-scale breast cancer walks and runs to carefully question where the money goes, in a new resource published today. Read more
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TakeAction 2015Tell Congress to Put Public Health First in TSCA Reform

After 40 years of inaction, Congress is almost done updating our broken federal chemical regulations. Read more
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Don't Frack With Our Health LogoMarch with Us to Ban Fracking Nationwide

In just a few months, thousands of people will flood the streets of Philadelphia to demand a break with fracking and other toxic processes that endanger our health. Read more
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Peggy Orenstein JoAnn Loulan smallBig Thank You to Member JoAnn Loulan

Luncheon host JoAnn Loulan (right) and guest panelist, author Peggy Orenstein. Last week, BCAction member JoAnn Loulan, hosted the 12th Anniversary Billie Gardner Loulan Memorial Celebration in Portola Valley, CA. For 12 years, JoAnn has hosted this luncheon in memory of her... Read more
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thank you 2015Special Thanks: Spring 2016

We could not do this work without the support of so many members and volunteers. Thank you to Sandra Steingraber for your thought provoking and engaging talk at our educational forum, An Evening with Sandra Steingraber: California Fracking and Public Health in October. Thank... Read more
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thank you 2015Donations in Honor & Memory: Spring 2016

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. Read more
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Karuna-Jaggar-2015 smallFrom the Executive Director: How Routine Mammography Screening Fails Women

After hearing “early detection is your best protection” and “screening saves lives” for decades, many women are understandably struggling to understand why, in the face of the public health crisis that is the breast cancer epidemic, the country’s largest cancer charity... Read more
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300px California Cancer Fracktivists5 More Ways to Get Involved

1. Join us for a public forum about the health impacts of fracking: From inciting short-term illnesses like nosebleeds, to increasing risks for long-term illnesses like breast cancer, fracking and other forms of extreme extraction continue to endanger the health of communities... Read more
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Blog Don't Frack with Our HealthAction Center and Program Update: Spring 2016

We’ve been busy in the program department since our last newsletter. Here are some highlights of what we’ve been working on. If you have questions, please get in touch! Action Alert: Demand Passage of Lymphedema Treatment Act Breast cancer patients who develop lymphedema need... Read more
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