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Donate Today – Your Gift Will Be Matched!

BCAction's Board of Directors We have an amazing opportunity right now. Read more
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Free Webinar: Beyond “Awareness”: Metastatic Breast Cancer

BCA_logo_CMYK_box_url Women don’t die of breast cancer. They die when the disease spreads to other parts of the body – what’s called metastasis. Read more
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Aliza Kazmi

New EPA Report on Fracking and Drinking Water Only Skims the Surface

Aliza Kazmi Last week the EPA released a long-awaited report about the impacts of fracking on drinking water. Read more
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Alyssa Figueroa 2015

URGENT: Tell Your Lawmakers Not to “Fast Track” Away Our Health

Alyssa Figueroa 2015 The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), if passed, would jeopardize the health of women living with and at risk of breast cancer. Read more
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Comments to the FDA re: Patient-focused Drug Development for Breast Cancer

BCA_logo_CMYK_box_url We expect the FDA to fulfill its mission to protect the public’s health. Read more
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Why I Told My Friends “Don’t Pink for Me”

Julie_e-alert In 2011, when I was 37, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was devastating to me and my whole community. Read more
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Aliza Kazmi

New Study Demonstrates Overtreatment Due to Misperceptions About Double Mastectomy

Aliza Kazmi A new study shows women may not be receiving unbiased, evidence-based information about the risks and benefits of a double mastectomy. Read more
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Two Ways to Help BCAction Today

dont-pink-4-me-200 Our 2015 Think Before You Pink® campaign planning is starting now. Here’s how you can help and get involved. Read more
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Karuna Jaggar 2015

New Study Explores Impact of “Cavity Shave Margins” During Lumpectomy

Karuna Jaggar 2015 A majority of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer—up to 90% by some estimates—are candidates for lumpectomy followed by... Read more
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Make Your Donation Today

Who Can You Trust?

Make Your Donation Today If there’s one thing you know about Breast Cancer Action, it’s that we’re fearless and feisty, and we don’t back down from a fight. Read more
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