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Breast Cancer Action never shies away from demanding the necessary but hard changes that protect women’s health. 

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Breast Cancer Action has a reputation for responding truthfully and fearlessly to critical issues in the breast cancer movement. 

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A Legacy of Action

At Breast Cancer Action, we talk about breast cancer as the disease that it is – a disease that has environmental causes,a disease that kills more women of color than white women, and when it comes to device and drug approval at the FDA, a disease that is dominated by the pharmaceutical industry and not patients.

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Fracking and Breast Cancer

Fracking is a process of energy extraction that combines millions of gallons of water with tens of thousands of gallons of chemicals, including known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors, and injects this toxic mixture deep below the earth’s surface. 

Fracking exposes all of us to toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer as well as a host of other health harms. Tell President Obama to protect public health and ban fracking.