Take Action

Thank you for your interest in taking action to help address and end the breast cancer epidemic! Our action center is currently under construction, so please check back again soon for updates on our campaigns and other advocacy work. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

300px Final Price and PruittTell Your Senators: Block Trump’s Nominees Who Threaten Women’s Health

The Senate will soon vote on two nominees to President Trump’s Cabinet who would be disastrous for women at risk of and living with breast cancer: Tom Price to lead the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) and Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protections Agency (EPA). Please contact your Senators NOW and urge them to vote NO on both Price and Pruitt.

Use Your Powers for Good GarlocksBecome a Community Leader for Change

As a grassroots organization, our members are our strength. We exist because of the thousands of people who take action, in ways big and small, to further our work to end the breast cancer epidemic. Our Community Leaders for Change program provides a space for members who are ready to take their involvement in this movement to the next level.

300px California Cancer FracktivistsBecome a California Cancer Fracktivist

The movement to end fracking and other forms of extreme extraction in California is heating up bigtime, and we want you to become a California Cancer Fracktivist to get more involved in our work to ban these toxic processes in the Golden State. When you sign up, we’ll send you local and statewide opportunities to get involved and give you the materials you need to oppose fracking on the frontlines.

Demand Access to Lymphedema Treatment

TakeAction 2015Breast cancer patients who develop lymphedema need compression supplies to control this swelling—but Medicare and some private insurance companies don’t currently cover the costs of these supplies, leaving patients who can’t afford them to suffer with this debilitating condition. Tell your Congressmembers to cosponsor the Lymphedema Treatment Act so that all women deserve access to comprehensive lymphedema treatment.

Dont Pink for Me logoStart a “Don’t Pink for Me” Page

Don’t Pink for Me emerged as a response to members who were tired of Big Pink and corporate profiteering. It’s an alternative way to fundraise to help address and end the breast cancer epidemic other than participating in and supporting pink ribbon walks and runs.

Learn more about the new Toxic Substances Control Act law

For more than a decade, Breast Cancer Action has been working alongside other environmental health organizations to demand U.S.lawmakers reform outdated chemical safety legislation. While President Obama recently signed a new chemical safety law that brings some improvements, the new law falls far short of the strong, wide reaching regulatory reform that we need. Here’s BCAction’s full analysis of its shortcomings and we urge you to read and share it widely: Chemical Safety Reform Bill Headed to Obama’s Desk Lets Down Women With and at Risk of Breast Cancer.

200px-toxic-isnt-tasty-campaign-logoRead About Our 2016 Think Before You Pink® campaign, “Toxic Isn’t Tasty!”

Bee Sweet Citrus and Wonderful Citrus, the U.S.’s largest citrus grower and the company behind Halos® mandarins, are using leftover wastewater from oil corporations to irrigate their citrus—while also using pink ribbons to sell them. We call this pinkwashing. 

As this type of food irrigation is set to expand, we believe this is an urgent public health issue because of the potentially hazardous chemicals associated with all oil extraction processes. At least one test of oil wastewater used for food irrigation found that it contained the chemical benzene, a known human carcinogen linked to breast cancer.