Planning BCA’s Future

On the heels of 16 years of great success and phenomenal growth, BCA is undertaking a strategic planning process to guide the organization into the future. With the leadership of the board, staff, and volunteers—and under the guidance of Miriam Abrams, a highly experienced strategic planning consultant—we will create a five-year plan for BCA’s work and growth.

Renewing our commitment to our mission and values, we will examine what has happened in breast cancer advocacy, what work remains to be done, and how BCA can best continue to be in the forefront of the movement. The strategic plan will help direct BCA’s future and set out a path for program, leadership, and resource development that will enable us to do our work effectively for as long as it takes.

We may be in touch with some of our members, supporters, and partners as we move through this important process. Thank you in advance for saying “yes” to helping us plan.

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