Congratulations! Two BCA Members Honored

Marilyn Zivian and Barbara Jamoska

Marilyn Zivian and Barbara Jamoska

BCA had the difficult task again this year of selecting two of its members as nominees to receive awards for the work they’ve done in the breast cancer field. The decision is never easy as so many of our members do so much.

BCA nominated Marilyn Zivian for the fourth annual Susan Claymon Memorial Commonweal Scholarship. A former professor of psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada, where she also served as the chair of the psychology department, director of the graduate psychology program, and associate dean of the graduate faculty, Marilyn retired to San Francisco in 2004.

Shortly after joining BCA in 2006, Marilyn volunteered her considerable research skills in analyzing the data from BCA’s AI survey. She worked at the BCA office nearly every week for a year, in addition to spending hundreds of hours working at home, reading about AIs and reviewing original research on them. She was named lead author of the final report.

The scholarship, named for one of BCA’s founders, Susan Claymon, is awarded to a woman with breast cancer who has served as an active advocate in the breast cancer movement or is a recently diagnosed woman with breast cancer who is interested in advocacy. The scholarship will allow Marilyn to attend a weeklong Commonweal cancer retreat in Bolinas, California, where she will have the opportunity to explore, with others, the issues, choices, feelings, and concerns that people with cancer often have.

BCA also nominated Barbara Jarmoska for Lifetime Television’s Breast Cancer Hero Project, which is part of Lifetime’s Stop Breast Cancer for Life effort.

In 2006, Barbara completed a 3,200-mile bicycle trip across the United States to raise money for breast cancer, a disease that had claimed too many people she loved. Twenty-three women joined Barbara, each raising money for the cause of her choice. Barbara chose BCA because she was impressed by the organization’s grassroots activism, especially its policy of not accepting funding from any pharmaceutical companies or other organizations that profit from or contribute to the breast cancer epidemic.

Barbara continues to actively support BCA from Williams-port, Pennsylvania, where she is a nutrition educator as well as president of Freshlife, Inc., a natural products supermarket and wellness center.

Lifetime flew Barbara and a guest to Los Angeles in October for a dinner honoring the nominees, followed by a premiere screening of its movie, Matters of Life and Dating, a drama about a young woman’s life after a mastectomy.

A heartfelt BCA thank you and congratulations to Marilyn and Barbara.

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