From the Editor: Carrying Your Voices

by Katrina Kahl

When I first came to BCA in 2006, as communications associate, one of the first things I did was read a brief history of the organization. From the first paragraph of that history, it was clear that providing information was an important part of BCA’s mission:

For years, a San Francisco Bay Area woman with breast cancer had been seeking information about the causes and treatment of her disease. She consistently encountered an unresponsive group of government agencies and other organizations who provided inadequate, superficial information, not hard data. She grew angry and shared that anger with other women who had metastatic breast cancer. In the summer of 1990, they formed Breast Cancer Action (BCA), a grassroots organization of women living with breast cancer and their supporters.

I later learned that the woman was Elenore Pred and that BCA was founded to ensure that women with breast cancer get the information they need to make decisions about their health and do something besides worry about the disease. And so, in 1990, BCA issued its first newsletter.

Since that time, the newsletter has grown in size and circulation. The cover of this issue shows just how much the newsletter has changed since its inception—from a two-sided leaflet to a substantive, 12-page publication. In 2007, BCA gave the newsletter a new name—the BCA Source—to reflect its position as the source for breast cancer information. It covers many different issues in breast cancer through opinion pieces, news clippings, profiles, book reviews, and other types of articles. The newsletter also gives our members ways to take action to end the breast cancer epidemic. Most important, the articles in the BCA Source provide a critical analysis of the politics and science behind breast cancer and the breast cancer movement.

As a communications professional, I am delighted to be part of an organization that understands the importance of providing useful health information to the public. It is a pleasure to celebrate the publication of the BCA Source’s 100th edition with you and to thank you for the support that has made this celebration possible.

This 100th issue is a milestone for me personally as well. It is my final issue as editor. I have accepted a communications position in New York but will continue to support the work of BCA and its members.

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