Zoë Christopher BCA Office Manager

by Mary DeLucco

Zoë Christopher came to BCA in February 2007 after spending more than 20 years working in crisis intervention, focused on drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, and psychotherapeutic alternatives. Her position as BCA’s office manager, she says, gives her an opportunity to “finally be of service without being a first responder.”

After earning a master’s degree in psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California, Zoë worked with adults and teens in crisis, directing a retreat facility in California’s Carmel Valley for many years. After moving to the Sierra foothills to continue the work with a group of colleagues, she also worked in arts administration, serving as program manager for a regional arts council. She currently mentors for First Exposures, a San Francisco-based photography program for at-risk teens.

Zoë’s interest in breast cancer in general, and BCA in particular, was sparked last year when one of her closest friends was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was Zoë’s first exposure to the disease. “I had so much fear surrounding breast cancer, and I felt like I knew so little,” she says. “It’s my nature to investigate things that have such an emotional charge in my life.”

BCA also attracted her because of its focus. “I wanted to be part of a team that’s in the business of educating. Knowledge is power, and I wanted to contribute to the empowerment of others,” she says.

Zoë lives in San Francisco. She has one son, Ethan, who lives in Seattle.

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