Eighty Cents of Every Dollar You Give to BCA Goes to End the Epidemic

A leader in the health care industry told us recently that she was shocked when she found out what our budget was. “I thought you were three times that size!” she said. We get that reaction quite often.80 Cents at Work

We host two web sites, broadcast monthly e-alerts, maintain a toll-free information and referral hotline, issue press releases, monitor and evaluate breast cancer research, advocate for better laws, conduct outreach programs in the community, attend and staff conferences, and publish a highly regarded quarterly newsletter, The Source.

Every year we run our national Think Before You Pink campaign, which always brings results. Last year it was responsible for General Mills’ removing rBGH, dairy from its products. The hormone has been linked to breast cancer.

And everything we do works towards:

  • Ensuring more effective and less toxic treatments by improving FDA approval standards.
  • Protecting everyone’s health by removing environmental toxins that are linked to breast cancer.
  • Addressing inequities in breast cancer incidence and mortality.

Times are tough and the economy is cyclical, but cancer doesn’t care. We could not do this work without your support. Please make a contribution today.

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