Barbara Brenner Announces Her Departure as Executive Director of Breast Cancer Action

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San Francisco, CA: Barbara Brenner, Executive Director of Breast Cancer Action (BCA) and a respected leader in the breast cancer movement, will step down as Executive Director at the end of 2010. Brenner was BCA’s first full-time Executive Director, and has served in that role since 1995, leading the organization to prominence as an outspoken and unwavering advocate for women’s lives.

Breast Cancer Action is the leading watchdog in the breast cancer world, and the only national breast cancer organization that refuses to accept funding from companies that profit from or contribute to the breast cancer epidemic. The organization provides information to anyone who needs it and is dedicated to making sure that patients’ interests come first at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). BCA also engages people to work together to eliminate the involuntary environmental exposures that increase the risk of cancer, and is committed to reframing the conversation about cancer “disparities” to address the social, economic and racial inequities that cause them.

During Brenner’s tenure, BCA became the respected, go-to organization for breast cancer information and advocacy that it is today.

Among many recent victories, BCA has emerged as the leader by:

  • Advancing science-based policy related to mammography screening
  • Successfully urging the FDA to require biotech giant Genentech to demonstrate that its breast cancer drug Avastin extends patients’ lives
  • Challenging the patenting of the breast cancer genes BRCA1 & 2
  • Educating consumers and the media on pink cause marketing through their ongoing Think Before You Pink campaign
  • Persuading General Mills to stop using the cancer-linked hormone rBGH to stimulate milk production for use in the yogurt sold to raise money for breast cancer programs

In every state of the union, and in many countries throughout the world, BCA works to end the breast cancer epidemic by carrying and amplifying the voices of people with and at risk for breast cancer.

“We cannot begin to express our appreciation for all that Barbara has done in leading BCA over the last 15 years,” said Claudia Cappio, BCA Board Chair “We will miss her, but we know that the foundation of BCA is strong, and that the organization is ready for the next phase of its work, guided by the next Executive Director.”

“BCA has been so much a part of my life for the past 15 plus years, and I will always be part of the BCA community,” Brenner said. “I have no doubt that BCA will continue to be a leader working to make sure that people have access to real information about breast cancer, and that they know what to do with that information, including how to engage to end the epidemic. I am deeply privileged to have worked with so many committed staff, board members, volunteers and colleagues and I’m looking forward to continuing those relationships for years to come.”

Cappio said the BCA Board of Directors will work with BCA staff and other community stakeholders to conduct a search for Brenner’s successor and to ensure a smooth transition to new leadership. Recruitment for the position is being handled by m/Oppenheim Associates.

Breast Cancer Action celebrates its 20th anniversary of compelling activism in October 2010.


Breast Cancer Action works to end the breast cancer epidemic through education and grass roots and policy advocacy. and

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