Breast Cancer Message Barred in Eli Lilly’s Hometown; Be the Billboard!

Question:  Who controls the media when it comes to public health in the U.S?

6,732 of you signed a petition asking us to deliver a message to Eli Lilly via billboard in their hometown of Indianapolis.  The message  “Eli Lilly is making us sick.  Tell them to stop” was rejected by every billboard company in Indianapolis.  For 6 weeks we’ve been working to find a media company that would let us BUY billboard space telling Eli Lilly to stop Milking Cancer.

A breast cancer organization’s message about the impact of a drug company’s behavior is being kept off billboards in the company’s hometownWhen a breast cancer advocacy organization can’t get billboard space to share information about a public health risk, the public should be outraged—we certainly are. To help us get the word out about rBGH, breast cancer, and Eli Lilly, Be the Billboard for BCA.

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