From the Board President: A New Look – Same Breast Cancer Action

Change is a constant practice in our lives, and some changes are bigger and therefore more apparent. In recent months at BCA, we’ve been moving through significant changes. But like everyone, we’ve risen to meet the challenge and we all remain strongly committed to our core mission and are excited about the opportunities ahead of us.

We are in the process of redesigning our web site. The look is quite different, yet I believe you’ll find the content, mission, and action-oriented messages from BCA to be as truth-telling, targeted, and fearless as before. We’re working to make the web site easier to navigate, visually more appealing, and functionally more capable. Please stay tuned for the launch.

Of even greater impact is our current search for a new executive director. BCA has been privileged to have had the stability and strength of a visionary executive director who has guided and led the organization for the past 15 years. The board of directors is privileged to be able to build upon such a strong foundation. Even before our new leader is found, BCA board and staff continue to create our future vision. We will continue to build on our priority areas and further engage activists through social networking and new technology. We will continue to collaborate with other organizations, because we know we are strongest when standing together to voice mutual concerns. Yet we remain committed to stand apart whenever necessary to call out an issue that others won’t touch.

Through it all BCA continues to be the watchdog of the breast cancer movement. By not accepting funding from any corporation that profits from cancer or contributes to its cause, we have, and will continue to have, the freedom to tell the truth. We can call out “pinkwashers” such as KFC, join lawsuits against Myriad to say patenting our genes is wrong, and tell Eli Lilly to end the production of rBGH and stop Milking Cancer. BCA’s unique position has always set us apart from other breast cancer organizations.

As 2011 starts, I am reminded of a Quaker adage: “To proceed is to move toward an opening without fear.” We are embracing change and renewing our commitment to BCA’s mission. It’s an exciting balance. I look forward to the year ahead and thank you all for your continued support and involvement with BCA.


Claudia Cappio


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