Meet Breast Cancer Action Executive Director Karuna Jaggar

Executive Director Karuna Jaggar discusses her commitment to breast cancer activism and the systemic change necessary to end the breast cancer epidemic.

Watch the video and leave Karuna a comment!

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37 Responses to Meet Breast Cancer Action Executive Director Karuna Jaggar

  • Karen Jo Koonan says:

    Welcome Karuna! As a regular contributor to BCA and as a person who has experienced breast cancer, I would like to thank you for your commitment and work to address the real issues around breast cancer.

    • Robin Connors says:

      Ditto to all Karen Jo writes. BCA is my fav BC group b/c of the clarity of commitment and mission, and the willingness to follow through. Thank you and welcome, Karuna!

  • Vicki Gabriner says:

    Sounds like BCA is in good hands, Karuna, with you at the helm. I can feel your energy & passion all the way across the continent here in Boston! Let’s beat this thing! Cancer sucks!

  • Martin Elsbach says:

    Karuna looks like an excellent choice. Kudos to the recruiting team.

  • Peggy McGuire says:

    Welcome Karuna! The staff of the Women’s Cancer Resource Center is looking forward to working with you.

  • Elaine Barton says:

    Good luck Karuna. I am a 5 year survivor of stage III lbc. We simply have to do better at prevention, to the extent there is preventive actions, treatment, and survivorship. Thank you for your commitment and for all your hard work, and congratulations on your new job.

  • Lisa Pred-Sosa says:

    Welcome Karuna. I know my mother would be so proud to know that the work she started more than 20 years ago will continue to be carried on by another strong and dynamic leader. Very proud of BCA and all it has done and continues to do to stop this horrible epidemic.

  • Gayle Sulik says:

    Welcome Karuna! I’m very much looking forward to your contribution to Breast Cancer Action. Here is a brief essay I wrote for Pink Ribbon Blues about your new job.

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  • Welcome Karuna. Over here in Europe we treasure the work of Breast Cancer Action. And I’m so glad they’ve found someone as passionate as you to speak out, in the way you are doing, about this epidemic.

  • Susan Liroff says:

    Of course, Barb will be missed, but I have no doubt that the work of BCA will continue and be vital to us all. Congratulations on what appears to be a superb catch. Go Karuna, go get’em gal!

  • Sue Glader says:

    When cancer hits home, it gets personal. And we get activated. It’s been 11 years since the yucky came ’round, and just over 1 year since I learned of BCA. Love that you get things done. Congratulations, Karuna, on taking the healm of a very awesome organization.

  • Welcome Karuna! Wonderful to hear your passion for continuing the important work of Breast Cancer Action. As a 6 year Board Member of Breast Cancer Connections in Palo Alto,,I am pleased to say that we also have a new fabulous, passionate Executive Director to lead us forward, empowering women to take control of their breast cancer through information and support. I hope you and our ED, Dana Kaye, can connect soon.

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  • wave geber says:

    I hadn’t visited the BCA website in quite awhile, and I was absolutely thrilled to see that you are the new Executive Director. What a wonderful choice. I’ve been living with Stage 4 breast cancer for over 6 years now, with an original Stage 1 diagnosis over 14 years ago. Knowing that you are at the helm of this organization gave me a much needed pep in my step today. I know you are a person with great integrity and that you will work hard for all of us. Congratulations Karuna!

  • Lloyd Morgan says:

    Dear Karuna,
    Breast cancer is an environmentally cause epidemic and there is a new element of the epidemic. Channel 2, KTVU-TV ran this short piece a short while ago: I would hope the BCA would post this on your website. If you want more information, please contact me.

    Lloyd Morgan

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