Meet Breast Cancer Action Executive Director Karuna Jaggar

Executive Director Karuna Jaggar discusses her commitment to breast cancer activism and the systemic change necessary to end the breast cancer epidemic.

Watch the video and leave Karuna a comment!

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37 Responses to Meet Breast Cancer Action Executive Director Karuna Jaggar

  • Karuna!

    My friend Kellea Miller posted this on Facebook and I was so surprised to see you. It made my day!

    Proud of you for doing this and I’m sorry you’ve had to struggle with so much cancer in the family.

    My thoughts and wishes go out to you and your family.

    Much love,


  • Knowing that you are leading the best breast cancer organization in the country makes me so happy. Thank you so much, and best of luck in your job!

    Barbara Brenner

  • Marla Stein says:

    Thank you Karuna for so clearly articulating your passion to end breast cancer. BCA is lucky to have you as its new leader!

  • Barry Kaufman says:

    We are so proud of the work of BCA. I know Karuna will continue in the heroic and fearless tradition to end breast cancer. As a survivor of lymphoma I personally know how important your work is. We are here for you. Barry + Gail Kaufman

  • Gay Lynn Freeman says:

    In 2007 in Hawaii, they found a suspicious cluster in my right breat in a “duct” while in Hawaii they sonogramed every 3 months, not sure if that was good, but when I returend to the mainland, I am on medicaide due to family illness, caregiving for 5 years, the a Bone Marrow diognosis of my own also in 2007. Thus, went to Hawaii for 9 months. When I returend they did a mamogram, then told me medicaid would only pay for 2 a year, Now I was told they would only pay for one. The cludster bothers me. Knowing it is there. I am afraid that they are waiting for it to become Breat Cancer before they will act on this. Do you have any advise.

  • Carol says:

    Congratulations to BCA and the new ED! We are keen supporters. Best wishes from Jerusalem!

  • MM says:

    Woo-hoo! As a long-time BCA supporter and donor, thanks for this video and the chance to meet you!

  • Dawn Chuley says:

    Karuna, Congratulations and thanks! As a Triple Negative breast cancer in-remisson woman, I am heartened to know you and BCA are out there doing what is right to help end this horrible disease. Best, Dawn Chuley

  • Welcome and thank you for taking on this task! I write a blog about living green on Cape Cod where the utility company intends to spray up to 5 herbicides under the power lines. Traces will end up in our sole-source aquifer and drinking water. I educated myself over the past two years and became an activist. Estrogen-mimics need to become a term everyone understands. Cape Cod has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the nation, along with Marin County. Please work to bring the President’s Cancer Report and the fact that it is being ignored to the media’s attention. Have you seen the short video created by Dr. Theo Colborn two months ago about endocrine distruption? We are climbing a mountain here, but it is good to have company. This is so very important. Do you intend to have a blog on the Breast Cancer Web site?

  • Joan Eddy says:

    Thank you for your efforts to end breast cancer, and for helping to inform women about their choices. I work with a volunteer organization in Sacramento that gives free, practical supplies to women facing mastectomies, and always have on hand BCA’s downloadable fliers, such as your “think before you pink” information. I come into contact with hundreds of women who, like me, are survivors, or love a friend or family member affected by breast cancer. I will support BCA with donations, and will promote its cause in my community.

  • Jean Deckenbach says:

    Welcome to your new role with BCA! There’s much for you to do no doubt and with the passion behind you, you’ll go far.

    I ask that you consider sharing your research, even if it’s not double-blind placebo controlled research. These types of studies are difficult to find on the up-and-up, and almost never available for alternative products.

    For instance, iodine deficiency in the USA is rampant due to fluoride in our water, bromide in our bakery goods, and chlorine in our water. Thyroid tissue is not the only tissue needing iodine, breast tissue needs this as well.

    Some of us think incorporating iodine/iodide under doctor’s supervision is the answer to not only breast cancer, but thyroid disease and other female cancers.

    Would you please consider reviewing this data at

    Thank you,
    Jean D.

  • Carol Miller says:

    Thank you. I will look forward to working with you and BCA as I gradually retire from a long career in public health.

    My 40 years of research on cancer documents that environmental causes have always been known – and ignored. Safer workplaces and clean environments are less important than the corporate bottom line. As the number of cancer cases has grown, cancer has become just another profit center for the out of control medical-industrial complex. Even the NCI now uses cancer “enterprise” language promoting the business aspects of a disease that ultimately should be about prevention for individuals, families and communities.

  • Cheri Pies says:

    I am delighted that you are stepping up to lead this inspiring organization and important effort. Thank you for sharing your passion and commitment. Your clarity of vision and purpose will continue to move BCA forward as a leader in social change.
    Cheri Pies

  • Marj Plumb says:

    Congrats Karuna and BCA! We are happy to continue our support of a great organization and now its’ great new ED. Fight the good fight.

  • Diane Anderson says:

    Karuna: Your passionate comments brought tears to my eyes. You will be such a fine, fine advocate for the women of Humboldt County & elsewhere. We are so fortunate to have such a committed, articulate and passionate leader among us!
    Diane Anderson

  • Kira Jones says:

    As a longtime supporter of BCA, I’m excited to hear your passion and commitment to demanding an end to involuntary exposures to toxins in every day products that are linked to breast cancer. This is one of many issues to which I am also strongly committed. Thank you, Karuna! I look forward to the future of BCA with you as its new leader.

  • Justina Cross says:

    I am thrilled that you are taking the lead of such an amazing organization, BCA, Karuna. Can’t to wait to hear more!

  • Lucina Trujillo says:

    Thanks God for leaders like you Karuna!

  • Welcome, Karuna. BCA is an important & powerful organization. You sound like you’re ready to take the lead — have fun!

  • Welcome Karuna. On behalf of Breast Cancer Action Montreal, I look forward to our continued collaborations to make the systemic changes necessary to end this epidemic. I agree, “things are not right” and like you, I also find it impossible not to step forward for change! Together, our organizations and networks, will make a difference that will end this epidemic!

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