Tell the EPA to do its job on cancer-causing pesticide

At BCA, we are committed to eliminating environmental toxins that contribute to the breast cancer epidemic. Last year, we let you know about methyl iodide, a toxic chemical used to induce cancer cell growth in research laboratories. Unfortunately, its reach extends far beyond the lab – methyl iodide is a pesticide commonly applied to crops, including strawberries, in the United States.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that we have a unique opportunity to remove this carcinogen from our world. The EPA is currently taking public comments about whether to revoke their approval of methyl iodide use. Please join us in telling the U.S. EPA to do its job and protect people from this cancer-causing pesticide.

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One Response to Tell the EPA to do its job on cancer-causing pesticide

  • Susan Bartz says:

    I am shocked to hear that methyl iodide is being used at all. The EPA should do its job and ban this horrible pesticide. I am 67 years old, and my sister has already died of cancer, as well as a lot of my friends. Others are sick with it. To date, there is NO CURE for this disease. We KNOW it is caused by toxins in our environment. EPA, please step up and do your job to protect us from toxic chemicals! Thank you. SVB

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