Ask your Senator to co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act

Breast Cancer Action is part of the national Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Coalition, working to create federal policy that will stop cancer before it starts. The coalition took a huge step forward yesterday when several Senators introduced the Safe Chemicals Act, which would fix the broken regulatory system that currently lets many cancer-causing toxins into our everday lives–and bodies.

We need you to ask your Senators to co-sponsor this important piece of legislation. By signing on as a co-sponsor, your Senators will show their commitment to putting common sense limits on toxic chemicals.

The Safe Chemicals Act responds to forceful warnings from scientific and medical experts — including the President’s Cancer Panel — that current policies fail to keep cancer-linked chemicals out of our lives.

The Senate’s Safe Chemicals Act builds on momentum from 18 states that have passed laws to address health hazards from chemicals; and numerous corporate policies of major American companies restricting toxic chemicals, including Staples, SC Johnson, Wal-Mart and Kaiser Permanente.

The Safe Chemicals Act would overhaul the 35-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which has failed to protect public health and the environment.
Specifically the Act would:
  • Require EPA to identify and restrict the “worst of the worst” chemicals, those that persist and build up in the food chain;
  • Require basic health and safety information for all chemicals as a condition for entering or remaining on the market;
  • Reduce the burden of toxic chemical exposures on people of color and low-income and indigenous communities;
  • Upgrade scientific methods for testing and evaluating chemicals to reflect best practices called for by the National Academy of Sciences; and
  • Generally provide EPA with the tools and resources it needs to identify and address chemicals posing health and environmental concerns.
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