Donations in Honor and Memory

BCA gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between December 16, 2010 and April 4, 2011.


All of You At BCA
from C. Emma Linderman
All People Lost to Breast Cancer
from Hilla Elkind
Appreciation for Being Alive 11 Years
from Patricia Davies
Abigail Arons
from Elissa and Daniel Arons
Athey Grandchildren
from Coral J. Fry
Pauline Attard
from Barbara J. Attard
Linda Azer
from Nick Azer
Rosa Babara-Meeks
from Rochelle Galat and Bruce Jacobs
Jaqueline Banel
from Sandra and Ben Hamburg
Emily Barsamian
from Nicole Barsamian
BCA Newsletter
from Eva and Daniel Langton
BCA Staff
from Sarah Harding and Roger Riedlbauer
Joyce Bichler
from Marcia and Alan Kimbarow
Judith Brady
from Patricia Hoover
Alison Braverman
from Katie Braverman
from Vicki Green
Barbara Brenner
from Martha Fay Africa
from Anonymous
from John Berger
from Paula Birnbaum and Neil Solomon
from Sandra Blair
from the Breast Cancer Action Team
from Beverly Burns
from Nancy Davis and Donna Hitchens
from Emily Doskow
from Rebecca Farmer and Becky Pezzullo
from Leonie and Glen Janken
from Barbara Jarmoska
from M. Anne Jennings
from Donna A. Korones
from Rochelle Lefkowitz and Lawrence Kramer
from Sara Markel and Lloyd Altman
from Kelly Moran
from Pauli Ojea
from Elizabeth Pritzker
from Marjorie Randolph
from Norman and Adrienne Schlossberg
from Belle Shayer
from Sandra Sohcot
from P. Moli Steinert and Donna Canali
from Melissa White
from Anna Wu Work
from Stan Yogi
Barbara Brenner and Susie Lampert
from Irma D. Herrera and Mark D. Levine
Barbara Brenner’s Many Years of Service
as Executive Director
from Richard Grosboll
Susan Brooking
from Alison and Phil Braverman
Rose Brown
from Linda Sue Johnson
Claudia Cappio
from Deborah Fulmor
Donna and Anthony Cervelli
from Sarah Marxer and Lisa Wanzor
Min Chu
from Virginia Rooney
Gail Cohen
from Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon
Jeannine Collins
from Barbara Thomason and Anna Crawford
Susan Conley
from Peggy Orenstein and Steven Okazaki
Elaine Costello
from Peggy Schmidt and Joseph J. Tabacco
Marie Cox
from Joelle Prislin
Kim Crawford
from Evelyn Jo Wilson and Carol Bennett
Megan Czapla
from Karen Czapla
Charles Schwab Employees
from Mary McCann
Ginny Dorris
from Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon
Lulu Escoto
from Ophelia Ebert
Alice Fialkin
from Susan Fialkin
Lisa Fortier
from Elizabeth Robinson
Lori Leigh Gieleghem
from Karen Merritt
Gayle Goldman
from Jessica and Benjamin Rosenberg
Catherine Guthrie
from John Guthrie
Lucas Guttentag
from Catherine Clabby
Amy Halio
from Suzi Goldmacher
Elizabeth Hunter’s Mom
from Amanda Santmyer
Judy Inglebright
from Rhonda Steward
Molly Ivins
from Evelyn Jo Wilson and Carol Bennett
Jay Johnson
from Anonymous
Marvin Jones’s 86th Birthday
from Beverly D. Robbins
Kit Kelly
from Sarah Vradenburg
Liz Kennedy
from Emily Hoyer and Bonnie Faigeles
Ellen Koch
from Leah Kaizer and David Salk
Karen Jo Koonan
from Marci B. Seville and Lisa Riordan-Seville
Nadine Kramer
from Merila Kramer
MaryBeth Kramer
from Sheri Pixley
Priscilla Lacerda
from Arnold F. Lacerd
Susan Lampa
from Cynthia Sadler
from Laura Sykes
Hallie Leighton
from Charles Pecoraro
JoAnn Loulan
from Jane B. Benson
from Denise S. Blocker
from Lea Goldstein
from JoAnn Ogden
from Linda Rigas and James Jones
from Valerie and Michael Russell
from Leonie Walker and Kate O’Hanlan
from Ruth Wilcox
from Jan Zobel
JoAnn Loulan and Ronny Crawford
from Jenny and Larry Schanker
JoAnn Loulan’s Mom
from Corey Kidwell
Rosie Madrigal
from Trinidad Madrigal
Matt Manson
from Jason Cencirulo
Polly Marshall
from Barbara and James Kautz
Nicole McCracken
from Laurie Litman and Dale Steele
Leslie McGarry
from Ruth Wilcox
from Dawn Moore
Me, a Survivor
from Lois B. Beach
Jenny Mendoza
from Maren Klawiter
from Anonymous
Lori Morton
from Robert D. Morton
My 8th Year of Survivorship
from Mary Felton
Peggy Neerman
from Anonymous
Annette Nelson-Wright
from Lindsey Collins
Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific
from Phyllis Schoenwald
Elizabeth Pappas
from Lynda and Michael Gilgun
Stephanie Parker
from Sam Parker
Janine Braak Peregrine
from Douglas Braak
Ona Porter
from Janie Porter and Kathryn Brown
Miriam Rand
from Janie Porter and Kathryn Brown
Caroline Rettner
from Gail Phillips Bucher and Edward Bucher
Seoul International Women’s Association
from Mary Barrett Anders
Anna Shih
from Virginia Rooney
Paula Siddens
from John Walsh
Abbey Sigal
from Richard Gross
Debbie Smith
from Catherine Clabby
Dorian Solot
from Suzanne Miller and Walter Vom Saal
Jennifer Spikner
from Jenny and Larry Schanker
Carole Stone
from Leslie Stone and Shirley Buss
Kyra Subbotin
from Laura Enriquez
Boris Subbotin
from Kyra Subbotin and Henry Siegel
Kathy Sullivan’s Retirement
from Annette and Dennis Sullivan
The Many Amazing Women
Fighting Breast Cancer Every Day
from Paula Birnbaum and Neil Solomon
Heather Thomason
from Martha Saltzman
Debra Travis
from Kellea Miller
Bessie Tyrrell
from Kathleen Alexander
Anne Vance
from Anonymous
Renee Villani
from Gina Rowsam
Cindy Ward
from Douglas Braak
Pearl Weiss
from Robert Weiss
What the Cluck?
from Mary and Patrick Enright
Marilyn Zivian
from Frances Singer
from Margaret Spaulding
from Ruth Weisberg


BCA gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between December 16, 2010 and April 4, 2011.


Suzannah Abrams
from Lori Berlin
Katie Allen
from Margaret Rossoff
Joyce Ambrosini
from Margaret Geneva Langston
Rita Arditti
from Women’s Community Cancer Project
Alice Arndt
from Anonymous
Jennifer Ayres
from Nancy and Alan Goldstein
Sue Bard
from Roz and Irv Ehudin
Judi Bari
from Anonymous
from Jane Century
Jan Bleil
from Anonymous
Ida Ruth Blevins-Vinson
from Nina Vinson
Joy Bol
from Jennifer York
Emily Bridges
from Elizabeth Riedel
Dr. Doris Brownlee
from Catherine Rollins
Selma Butter
from Marsie Scharlatt
Claire M. Carr
from Diane C. Carr
Violetta Castro
from Kim Bean
Hencey Clark
from Matthew Coles
Susan Claymon
from Judy and Harvey Barnett
Patricia Codron
from Erica Diloia
Susan M. Cohen
from Barbara Brenner and Suzanne Lampert
from Beverly Canin
from Chelsea Reform Democratic Club
from Brenda Eskenazi and Eric Lipsitt
from Randi Leseten
from Karen Lewkowitz
from Roy Nachowitz
from Joan and Arthur Oshins
from Rachel Rabinowitz
from Mary Ryther
from Save Chelsea
from Bonnie Spanier
from Staff at the New York State Dept. of Health,
Health Research Science Board
from Madeleine Tress
Lanie Cohen
from Deborah Cohen
Eileen Coles
from Matthew Coles
Elizabeth Cuthill
from Catherine Rollins
Elaine Dallman
from Jo Anna D. Scandiffio
Ann Dashe, My Mother
from Julia Dashe
Juanita Deness
from Diana Hickson
Mary C. Dunlap
from Kathleen Dunlap
Dodie Dustin
from Kate Harper
Linda Dyer
from Anonymous
Elizabeth Edwards
from Carole Poyourow
Betsy Ervin
from Don Bushman
Elaine Fay-Coelho
from Carl Coelho
Ethel Fialkin
from Alice Fialkin
from Jane Century
Jill Gallagher
from Anonymous
Lola Garisek
from Jeannine Christensen
from Lynne Cox
Kristal Germroth
from Ann Rasmussen
Deena Glass
from Joanne and Mitchell Lyons
from Marty Sochet
from Melissa Rallis
Mimi Gray
from Victoria Gray
Chris Griffith
from Anonymous
Connie Harms
from Dona and Joseph Santo
Dr. Shyamala G. Harris
from Tony West and Maya Harris
Janis Harvey
from Anna Saenz
Judy Havey
from Anonymous
Tree Brown Hayes
from Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen
Laurel Hedley
from Mary Hedley and Stephen P. Morrell
Catherine Hunt
from Lee and John Boerger
Beverly Israel
from Jill C. Israel
Molly Ivins
from Barbara Ehrenreich
Ruth Soltanoff Jacobs
from Rochelle Galat and Bruce Jacobs
JoAnn’s Mom
from Anonymous
June Jordan
from Frances Reid and Deborah Hoffman
Kate Kelly
from Anonymous
Sherrie Kelley
from Rita M. Tibbles and Ernest L. Tibbles

Sunny Khan
from Surina Khan and Jennifer Terry
Judee King
from Dona and Joseph Santo
Jackie Kohl
from Dora C. Weaver
Anne Kutilek
from Emily Hoyer and Bonnie Faigeles
Lynnly Labovitz
from Ruth Herring
Diane Lane
from Lucretia Nistor
Deborah Levitt
from Rosey and Stuart Rudnick
Billie Loulan
from JoAnn Loulan and Ronald Crawford
Ellen Rice Lowery
from Margaret Lowery Walsh
from Nancy Schuepbach
Kay Lyou
from Russell G. Worden and Janette R. Lawrence
Rod Macleod
from Mary Lievore
Margaret Mann
from John Walsh
Debra Mayo
from Sharon and Eugene Sullivan
Ann McAllister
from Donna Brogan
Laurie Mezzalingua
from Benjamin Wilkinson
Christina Middlebrook
from Millie Fortier
Eleanor Morrison
from Susan G. Morrison
Sue Moulthrop
from Louise Shalit
Deb Mountz
from Melanie Goodman Dante
Helen Mulloy
from Anonymous
Cindy Grant Munroe
from Deborah G. Keller
Tanya Neiman
from Marci B. Seville and
Lisa Riordan-Seville
Julie Nelson
from Marcia Olson
RoseMarie Packard
from Judith Coyote
Harry Padrusch
from Anonymous
from Clifford P. Stage
Norma Peterson
from Cynthia Dorfman
Jenny Pronczuk
from Brenda Eskenazi and Eric Lipsitt
Deborah Vochko Petron
from Alice M. King
Iko Phillips
from Ellen Kugler
Elenore Pred
from Millie Fortier
from Dena Lowenbach
from Julia E. Tower
Melissa Quan
from Charlotte Lewis
Vena Ivora Rancourt
from Susan Rancourt and Annette Pittari
Vicky Reeves
from Elaine Eigeman and Daniel Schalke
Jo Renzi
from Susan Thompson French
Judith Revord
from Patricia Hoover
Elisabeth Rieping
from Gudrun Kemper
Anna Roos
from Anonymous
Anne Rosenbaum
from Neshama Franklin
Brenda Roth
from Sandra Morris
from Barbara and James Kautz
Risa Sass Rubin
from Julia Rubin Gregory Stankiewicz
Hellen Schiavo
from Marian Schiavo
Frances Schneider
from Jill and Joe Lazarov
Elinor Schneider
from Gail and Steven Shak
Barbara Seaman
from Alice J. Wolfson
Marilyn Shea
from Anonymous
Doug Shorey
from Sandra S. Huston
Susan Stone
from Linda G. Marks
from Margie Norris
Susan Lila Stone
from Ellen Schwerin and Aman Daro
Christine Tamblyn
from Ruth Tamblyn
Marie Thompson
from Susan Thompson French
Barbara Tingey
from Erika Tingey
Julie Walwick
from Christine Wick
Elayne Wesen
from Michele Wesen and Stanley Bryant
Anna White
from Celia Bloom
Roxy Wilder
from Renee Villani
Hannah Wilke
from Marsie Scharlatt
Ann F. Wood
from Kathleen Wood
David Zager
from Susan Zager
Ortha Zebroski
from Nancy L. Russell
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