Responsible Cosmetics Company Supports Breast Cancer Action

Interview by Caitlin Carmody, BCAction Membership Coordinator

Suki Kramer of Suki, In

You’ve been a generous BCAction supporter for many years, as an individual and through your company suki, inc. Tell us about why you are inspired to support BCAction’s work to end the breast cancer epidemic.

There are a lot of groups to support and we are all involved in breast cancer awareness in one way or another… whether it’s donations, walks, events or purchasing “pink-ribbon” products.  We support, we suffer alongside family members and loved ones, we undergo treatment ourselves, we struggle with the issues, and we try to help as best we can.

But over these great many years, not very much has really been achieved, we are no closer to finding a cure, for instance, or achieving real clarity about what are the causes of this devastating disease.

My organization of choice is always Breast Cancer Action. You offer:

  1. Honest and forthright education. BCAction provide so much support and in-depth information for all of us, information you cannot find anywhere else! From the latest in medical treatments, prevention, detection, drug therapies and side effects, to carcinogens in what we ingest, to how to find support in your community.
  2. Resources. BCAction is dedicated to providing real support to those in treatment and recovery as well as to families and friends.
  3. Integrity. BCAction does not accept funds from any entity that profits from or contributes to cancer, including pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies.

Suki, inc. was the first company to sign our Pledge to Prevent Pinkwashing. Can you tell us about your commitment to safe beauty products and why you signed the Pledge?

Who would have thought that many of the companies who claim to be raising dollars to support the cure and prevention of breast cancer are actually the same companies that produce, manufacture or sell products linked to the disease? Absurd? I think so.

Suki inc. is committed to ingredient integrity and never uses synthetics or ingredients that are processed with petrochemicals. Companies that don’t think about the ingredients going into their products and the potential health risks they pose are only fueling this epidemic. The truth is, exceptionally powerful and potent ingredients do exist in nature, and science has made incredible advances in utilizing and refining natural ingredients to their most potent and active parts. Synthetic is simply becoming obsolete. Suki inc. creates 100% natural, clinically- proven skincare solutions you can trust.

Make a year-end donation today. Your gift will ensure that Breast Cancer Action continues to hold pinkwashers accountable. It’s time to put our health before corporate profits.

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