Special Thanks

We could not do this work without the support of so many members and volunteers. A huge thanks to:
  • Katie Ford Hall, Meg Crumbine, Rhonda Garman, Deborah Levine, Mara Meaney-Ervin, Joni Rubin and Marla Stein for choosing Breast Cancer Action as a beneficiary of your online fundraising efforts.
  • Marj Plumb, thank you for being a sounding board, and for helping with strategic vision.
  • Kasha Ho, Tracey Brieger, Anne Pernick, and Nathalie Graham, thank you for generously sharing your wisdom about campaign strategy.
  • Beth Parker and Rhonda Golstein, from Arnold & Porter, thank you for providing pro bono legal support.
  • Heather Sarantis and Anne Steinemann, thank you for providing us with scientific consultation.
  • Jane Zones and Kate Ryan, thank you for providing testimony on behalf of BCAction at the FDA regarding breast implants.
  • Ben Wilkinson, thank you for continuing to go above and beyond by providing ongoing support with our website, and for your brilliant design of the Raise a Stink! video and logo.
  • Kirby Ramstad, thank you for taking the lead on setting up a BCAction presentation at YouTube.
  • Senaida Hernandez, thank you for generously providing wise consultation and advice.
  • Diane Tomkins and Maureen Futtner, thank you for bringing your wealth of experience and creativity to help with Raise a Stink! campaign planning.
  • Our educational webinar partners, thank you for sharing your wisdom and expertise on a variety of topics: Jane Zones, Miriam Hidalgo, Tracy Weitz, Jaydee Hanson, Eric Hoffman, Gayle Sulik, Nneka Leiba, and Mia Davis.
  • Linda Thai, thank you for continuing to be such a reliable, delightful part of our week in the development department. We could not do our work without you—and your terrific handwriting!
  • Arabella Advisors, thank you for the new printer which is making our lives much easier and our documents much more readable.
  • Dan Walmsley and Kellea Miller for their time and expertise in creating an online system for fundraising.

A huge thank you to everyone who made our first annual “Action Speaks Louder Than Pink: Food For Thought” event a great success including special guest Sister Jezebelle of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and Emcee Fairy Butch.

Event Sponsors

  • Earth Source Organics
  • Wells Fargo Restaurants and Chefs
  • Locavore Restaurant with special thanks to Chef Jonathan Merritt
  • Millenium Restaurant with special thanks to Chef Erik Tucker
  • Poquito Restaurant with special thanks to Richard Viola

Event Volunteers

  • Sarah Brandon
  • Bren Eckles
  • Miriam Hidalgo
  • Christina Loff
  • Mara Meaney-Ervin
  • Alice Price-Styles

Invitation mailing: Caren Cummins, Bren Eckles and Linda Thai

Special thanks to Tori Freeman, host of 12 Hot Dates, a fundraiser benefitting Breast Cancer Action, and to all those involved in helping to raise $6,000 through this event:

Event Participants

  • Wendy Brummer
  • Clarence Eddie
  • Tori Freeman
  • Uma Kahn
  • Lauren Kelley
  • Tovah King
  • Jen Leeper
  • Franklin Ross
  • Joshua Schoening
  • Scott Sutton
  • Melissa Wheeler
  • Dean
  • Marcie
  • Rita
  • Sharmila
  • Tiana

Event Volunteers

  • Joyce Bichler
  • Zoe Christopher
  • Tara Ford
  • Dylan Jaggar
  • Michael Kimbarow
  • Mara Meaney-Ervin

Special thanks to JoAnn Loulan for hosting the Seventh Annual Billie Gardner Loulan Luncheon and all the donors who helped raise over $85,000 for BCAction and to Tamara Turner for hosting the event at her house and special guest Dr. Marion H. E. Kavanaugh-Lynch.

Event Volunteers:

  • Ben Wilkinson
  • Jenn Meyer

Special thanks to Laure and Dave Kastanis for hosting a summer fundraiser and to JoAnn Loulan for organizing the event to benefit Breast Cancer Action. Thank you to the Desperate Houseband for the great entertainment.

Event Volunteers:

  • Kirby Ramstad
  • Miriam Hidalgo
  • Cheryl Chapin
  • Jenn Meyer
  • Jon Rogers

Third Party Event Sponsors and other thank yous

  • Amy Kalish for directing a portion of the proceeds from your t-shirt sales.
  • Claudia Cappio and Peg Stone for hosting a Kentucky Derby Party benefitting BCAction.
  • Karen Marble-Hall for hosting a house party in Maryland benefitting BCAction.
  • Dorothy Geoghegan and Diane Carr for hosting a house party in San Francisco benefitting BCAction.
  • Jaymie Griffin and everyone who participated in the Minnesota Pink Ribbon Run raising over $7,000 benefitting Breast Cancer Action!
  • Sarah Tolson of Girls Just Gotta Have Funds and Dale Marie Golden of Torrey Pines Bank for choosing BCAction as the beneficiary of their Pearls of Wisdom event.
  • Annie Groth for choosing BCAction as the beneficiary of her Pearls of Wisdom event in Arizona.
  • California Kayak and Canoe for hosting Support Strokes and all the participants including Pauli Ojea, Sarah Harding, Angela Wall, Kim Irish, and Roger Riedlbauer.
  • Audrey Parets of Spiritude for hosting a fundraising event in Arizona benefitting BCAction.
  • Rebecca Farmer for speaking on behalf of BCAction at the Melange Fashion Show.
  • Kellea Miller for hosting a house party in New York in support of BCAction.
  • Tracy Weitz, Margaret Crowley and Mary Nemitz for hosting a house party benefitting BCAction in Reno, NV.
  • Development interns Miriam Hidalgo and Mara Meaney-Ervin for all their hard work.
  • Suki, Inc for making BCAction the beneficiary of 100% of net proceeds of the eye cream during the month of October.
  • Natural Contours for donating 5% of The Petite Pink Ribbon intimate massager.

The Source—Fall/Winter 2011 | 12.14.11© 2011, Breast Cancer Action ISSN #1993-2408, published quarterly by BCAction. Articles on detection and treatment do not constitute endorsements or medical advice but are intended solely to inform. Requested annual donation is $50, but no one is refused for lack of funds. “Breast Cancer Action”, “Think Before You Pink” and the BCAction logo are the registered trademarks of Breast Cancer Action. All rights reserved. Not to be used without express written permission.

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