We think Komen’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood is outrageous

Women’s healthcare is under assault once again. Susan G. Komen for the Cure is pulling all funding for Planned Parenthood, an outrageous decision that threatens women’s access to vital health services. But what’s particularly harsh is this funding cut will impact underserved communities most. These funding cuts to Planned Parenthood will harm the very women Komen purports to care about.

Let’s be very clear about who will be harmed most by funding cuts to Planned Parenthood: women without health insurance and low income women, disproportionately women of color. Planned Parenthood provides vital health services including screening, clinical exams, referrals for ultrasounds and biopsies, and breast health education, often to women who do not otherwise have access to healthcare. 1 in 6 women of reproductive age get their healthcare through Planned Parenthood.

In other words, Planned Parenthood provides crucial health services for women who would not otherwise get the healthcare they need. All women should have access to the same choices about healthcare. The care a woman receives should not be based on the type of insurance or financial resources that she has or does not have access to—or political agendas.

Women’s health is women’s health, period. We insist on our rights as women to choose and control our health needs. Women should be in control of their medical decisions and choices without regard to politics, corporate interest, or the agendas of others. Organizations that are truly committed to women’s health must put women’s health before politics. We stand with Planned Parenthood in our shared commitment to putting women’s health first.

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  • Brie says:

    I must disagree…and for not the usual reasons. Here is a link to the list of KNOWN carcinogens: http://monographs.iarc.fr/ENG/Classification/crthgr01.php You will notice that hormonal contraception makes that list. I think that it is wrong for an organization that claims to fight breast cancer to fund anything that increases the risk of breast cancer…and since Planned Parenthood provides contraception that includes them. SGK’s purpose is not to help women without health insurance and low income women. Its purpose is to fight breast cancer…and that means not working with organizations who also increase the risk of breast cancer for many people. (btw, I’m ok with people making an informed choice to use hormonal contraception…PP should stick around…it’s just hypocritical for SGK to fund them.)

  • LRM says:

    I feel like the first commenter really misses the point that PP provides services BESIDES contraception and family planning. Susan G Komen wasn’t providing funding for these family planning services; they were providing funding for breast health education and for women, who would otherwise not be able, to have potentially lifesaving BREAST CANCER screenings…which is the mission of Susan G Komen.

  • MK says:

    Oh Brie, this is so misguided. By this logic, we should deny poor women access to breast exams and screenings because someone (else) might also use this facility to get a prescription for birth control?

    And the even weaker link of your junk reasoning: SGK is happy to jump into bed and take money from companies pushing and selling all sorts of cancer-causing products. Do you even know Breast Cancer Action Network’s campaigns? Have you followed all their Pinkwashing research? How could you for one minute think that SGK is motivated by protecting women from carcinogens?

    Know your enemies: this is about right wing politics assaulting PP and women’s reproductive health; you best stay on the right side of history.

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  • h says:

    Mammography promotes breast cancer and this has been known for more than 40 years. Komen supports a cancer causing screening test when others are available that are more effective and detect sooner and with more accuracy. Komen does little or nothing for prevention. Komen supports toxic drug only cancer treatment along with radiation and makes no room for anything outside mainstream ineffective tx. Their indirect rate is also very high which means that less money goes to important things. There is so much more but this is enough, just get the facts.

  • jkl says:

    This is unbelievable!! you are concerned over a woman’s right to have an abortion, I thought BCA was about protecting and educating women about breast cancer? Has any one ever read the book “Breast Cancer: It’s Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill Author: Chris Kahlenborn, M.D.”? I have been fighting breast cancer naturally for the past 6 1/2 years and this book explains the underlying cause of my breast cancer. If you really cared about women, you would do your homework and research this subject putting aside political corectness. Prevention starts with knowledge of all the risks. Abortion and birth control before a first full term pregnancy is a huge factor in setting yourself up for BC. The research is founded on scientific and biologic reasoning. It has been devasting for me to realize I made the choice to have an abortion and it came back to me in this way. All things work together for good and I am doing well. I want others to know the truth and I no longer care about being politically correct. Though we are at a higher risk, we can do much not to express the genes to become cancerous. I am willing to share with anyone what I have done to reverse this horrendous disease. If you’ve had an abortion or took birth control before a first full term pregnancy, there is much you can do to heal your body from past choices.

    • Matthew says:

      Your point of view on causes of breast cancer may be valid, but you do nothing to address the defunding of screening by an organization that is supposedly fighting breast cancer yet now has removed the most accessible screening possible for the underprivileged. This is a tragic turn of events in women’s health organizations and I would expect more outrage on the pull of funding that supports women’s health than the self righteous weighing in on a woman’s personal choices. Cancer isn’t a choice.

  • Ada says:

    SGK should grant money for research. In one room PP gives an abortion; in another it gives a hormonal pill which is known to cause cancer. Let SCK donate its cancer awareness money to whomever it wants.PP is not the only organization reaching out to the poor. Get off your political ranting.

  • Caroline says:

    The $700,000 annual grant money Komen has given Planned Parenthood since 2005 is fungible funding which means PP can use it for whatever they want, including keeping the abortion clinics open and doing business as usual.PP refers women to other places for mammograms and Komen gives vouchers to the poor for the same. And do not be deceived: Komen is NOT looking for cures or concerned about prevention. Their focus is on mammograms that are ionized radiation that CAUSES breast cancer, the very disease they falsely claim they want to cure. Komen and PP are two of the biggest scams in America!

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