Special Thanks: Spring 2012

We could not do this work without the support of so many members and volunteers. A huge thanks to:

Janet Ackerman, Research Assistant at Silent Spring Institute for your participation in our January webinar and your willingness to step in and provide important information about what it means to study environmental health.

Jonathan Darr, for your creative fundraising for—and fierce commitment to—women’s health organizations, including Breast Cancer Action.

Mia Davis, formerly the Organizing Director for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics for your participation in our Nov webinar on Toxic Cosmetics and your continued dedication to protecting the health and safety of all of us.

Yvonne Day-Rodriguez (designer) for your beautiful design work.

Catherine DeLorey, for co-hosting the Boston houseparty and for all you continue to bring to BCaction.

Jeff Harris, CEO Talkwheel, for donating and making this service possible for BCAction.

Majorie Marjorie Kagawa-Singer, Nancy Krieger, Catherine Thomsen, Sora Park Tanjasiri, Scarlett Lin Gomez, Linda Burhansstipanov and Dominique Apollon for their willingness to dedicate time and energy in finding resources for the development of our inequities factsheet.

Joan Kelley and Cynthia Hall, for so skillfully and enthusiastically staffing BCAction’s table at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. 

Alli Knox, BCAction intern for your dedication and work in helping us develop a list of potential partners around the country.

Nneka Leiba, Senior Analyst for Environmental Working Group for your invaluable expertise on the chemicals in beauty care products and your wonderful presentation on our Nov webinar on Toxic Cosmetics.

Qianyi Li (program intern) – for your conscientious hard work on fact sheets and campaign work!

Development volunteers Mara Meaney-Ervin and Devon McKnight for all their hard work,

Manuel Carrasco Moñino, of Talkwheel, for your patience and expertise in the installation.

Judy Norsigian, for hosting the Boston houseparty and for lending your time and wisdom to our Board nominations committee.

Andy Rivera, for your immense skill and infinite patients in designing our Annual Summary.

Ruthann Rudel, Director of Research at Silent Spring Institute for your participation in our Jan webinar and insight on how chemical exposures may influence breast cancer risk.

Robyn Stoetzel, Breast Cancer Action member extraordinaire, for your passion and dedication demanding answers to truly preventing breast cancer. Also for co-presenting in our Feb webinar, speaking at the Pink Ribbons Inc. screening in Chicago and writing a powerful blog for our Think Before You Pink website.

Linda Thai, for over two years of invaluable support to our development department. We will miss seeing you every week!

Natalie Waugh, for your strategic advice and counsel.

Poonam Whabi, for your helpfulness, expertise and flexibility in always coming to our aid.

Jane Zones, for continuing to bring your wisdom and experience to BCAction by serving on the nominations committee.

Thank you to the 8th Annual Billie Gardner Loulan Memorial Luncheon Event Steering Committee for your hard work and dedication: Donna Andrighetto, Diana Bergeson, Linda Benvento, Donna Carano, Christina Feeny, JoAnn Loulan, Jayne Mordell, Amber Raimes, Michelle Rapp, Linda Rigas, Valerie Russell, Angela Schillace, Kris Schmidt, Julia Shaw, Bonnie Sterngold, and Lisa Troedson.


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