Even When the Truth Is Hard to Hear

We are facing a game-changing moment in breast cancer. Recent months have focused unprecedented national attention on the failures of the breast cancer movement.

Across the U.S. and the world, people are taking a critical look at the mainstream breast cancer industry and this is what they see: pinkwashers who exploit this disease to make a buck at any cost; corporate agendas that put politics and profits before patients; an overemphasis on mammography despite its demonstrated failure to reduce the death rate; poor and underserved communities and women of color repeatedly left to fend for themselves.

Women need Breast Cancer Action now. And we need you at this critical time.

Breast Cancer Action’s legacy has deep roots in changing the status quo. For over 21 years, we’ve been telling the truth because of supporters like you—and because our funding doesn’t come from big Pharma or pinkwashing corporations.

We take action to stop harmful corporate practices, demand the removal of toxins from everyday products, and insist that patient needs are always put first. Our agenda can’t be bought. And we won’t shy away from the truth, even when the truth is hard to hear.

Join us. We are an independent organization and we always put patients first.
Make your donation of $25 to Breast Cancer Action today.

Stand with us at this pivotal time. Together, we will change the status quo in breast cancer. Together, we can meet the needs of women living with and at risk of breast cancer. Make your gift count. Give to Breast Cancer Action.

Thank you for your investment in women’s health.

Warm regards,

Karuna Jaggar

Executive Director

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