“Estrogen Is to Cancer What Fertilizer Is to Wheat”

My name is Alice Wolfson. I am a founding member of the National Women’s Health Network and the San Francisco-based Committee to Defend Reproductive Rights. I have been a member of Breast Cancer Action for nearly 20 years and I am proud to stand alongside these fearless women determined to improve women’s health.

Several times this year, I’ve had flashbacks to January 1970 when I was part of a group of activists in the audience at the Senate hearings on birth control pills.

One male witness after another described to the all-male senate committee the serious health risks of taking the Pill–health risks that women were not told about. Finally, when one expert said “Estrogen is to cancer what fertilizer is to wheat,” we erupted. We interrupted the hearings asking why women were being used as guinea pigs, and why drug companies were allowed to jeopardize our health for their profit and convenience.

BCAction has insisted time and again women’s health must come before profits.

Among breast cancer organizations, BCAction distinctly understands this disease from a feminist and social justice perspective. The implications of their work extend far beyond breast cancer. They understand that the breast cancer epidemic is a systemic problem requiring large-scale political and legislative change. In this time of sustained attacks on women’s health, we need fearless organizations that are looking out for my health and yours.

I hope you’ll join me in protecting women’s health at this critical time. Make a donation to Breast Cancer Action today.

Women’s bodies continue to be a battleground for religious, sexual, political and legislative attacks. The ongoing assaults on maternity coverage, contraception, abortion, and preventative care have made this all too clear. Now, more than ever, breast cancer is a political issue. I thought we had come a long way but the events of recent months show that we can never let down our guard. Our work is by no means done.

BCAction was the first national breast cancer organization to refuse funding from big Pharma or corporations that profit from or contribute to cancer. Their independence depends on supporters like you and me. Join me in supporting an organization you can trust.

Put women’s health first by making a donation to
Breast Cancer Action today.

We cannot sit back and let others put their agendas and their profits before our health. We must all continue to join together to protect women’s rights.

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