Free Webinar: Inequities in Breast Cancer: Race and Place Matter

By Sahru Keiser, BCAction Program Associate of Education & Mobilization

Register for Tuesday, May 15th at 2pm PDT/5pm EST

Register for Wednesday, May 16th at 11am PDT/2pm EST

Why are white women more likely to develop breast cancer, yet African American, Latina and Samoan women are more likely to die from the disease? Why do women of color tend to develop more aggressive breast cancers at earlier ages than white women? Why are we seeing the sharpest rise in breast cancer rates in Japanese women in Los Angeles?

Race and ethnicity plays a huge role in the answers to these questions because so often where we live, work and play is tightly bound to our racial make-up.

Please join us on Tuesday, May 15th and Wednesday, May 16th for this important free webinar: Inequities in Breast Cancer: Race and Place Matter, where we will examine the racial and socio-economic factors that influence the health of individuals and communities.

Inequities in breast cancer risk and outcomes vary among different racial and ethnic communities and are well documented. In our efforts to address and end this disease, health activists, practitioners, and legislators must focus on the social and economic context in which the disease arises. As a society, we can affect and potentially avoid these unjust inequities in breast cancer.

I will be presenting the webinar with Irene Yen, Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Director of the Experiential Learning, Health & Society Pathway at University of California, San Francisco. You will learn about:

  • How where we live, work and play defines our access to good health
  • Breast cancer inequities in underserved communities
  • How breast cancer research acknowledges race
  • Inequities in breast cancer clinical trials
  • How you can work for health equity

Join us on Tuesday May 15th at 2pm PDT/5pm EST or Wednesday, May 16th at 11am PDT/2pm EST for this free one-hour webinar to learn about what you can do to help achieve health equity – the highest level of health – for everyone!

For your convenience, we are offering the webinar at two different times. Click on the links above to register for the time and day that works for you.

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