“Hispanic Paradox” in Breast Cancer? It Seems Not.

A new study on Latinos surviving cancer longer recently published in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, specifically focused on Latinos with lung cancer.  There is no reference to breast cancer except to say “This paradox is seen in breast cancer, prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, and now non-small cell lung cancer.”

If the study findings are in reference to lung cancer, why do they make the connection to breast cancer when there doesn’t seem to be the evidence to support this claim?  

Studies that focus on breast cancer and the Hispanic Paradox are few and far between. We desperately need more studies that explored issues of breast cancer and survival in the Latina community.

The ACS still shows that 1) Hispanic women are still more likely to be diagnosed with a more advanced stage of breast cancer, 2) Incidence rates are decreasing slower in Hispanic women as compared to white women and 3) Hispanic women are 20% more likely to die of breast cancer then white women (when diagnosed at a similar age and stage).  There are still inequities in breast cancer for Hispanic women, it is just not quite as clear as it is for some populations like African American women and we need a more evidence-based understanding of these disparities. For more information from the university that conducted the study, click here.

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