In New PSA Guidelines, Echoes of Mammography “Debate”

A final guideline published by the United States Preventive Services Taskforce (USPTF) says there is little if any evidence that PSA blood testing for prostate cancer saves lives. Like mammography screening, PSA blood screening leads to over-diagnosis. We don’t need to treat all cancers especially the ones that never prove fatal.  

Unfortunately, the current screening technologies don’t provide the level of detail required by radiologists and oncologists to make determinations between those cancers that will prove fatal and those that won’t. We all want so very much to believe that as individuals we can do enough to stop ourselves from getting this disease.

BCAction has long argued the hard truth that mammography is an imperfect technology that does not prevent breast cancer and that comes with risks and benefits.  As individuals, we can only do so much when it comes to early detection and prevention. Real progress will only occur when regulatory and system-wide changes are in place that reduce our risks from developing cancer in the first place.

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