Donations in Honor and Memory: Summer 2012

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many more donations memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.


BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between March 21, 2012 and June 25, 2012.

Debra Assefa
from Karen Johnson

Dorothy Baylin
from Melinda Dart

Cynthia Beck
from Jennie Skancke

Betty and John’s Wedding
from Marian Feinberg

Joyce Bichler
from Arlene and Robert Stams

Joyce Bichler & Michael Kimbarow
from Rosey Rudnick

The Remarkable Barbara Brenner
from Ronnie Caplane

Barbara Brenner
from Ellen Crowley
from Judith Gedalia
from Sharon Jackson and
Kathleen Haydel
from Leah Kaizer
from Kendra Klein
from Elaine Leitner
from Roberta Lipsman and Eric Wright
from Helen Love
from Eileen Purcell
from Noreen Vera Purcell
from Patricia Purcell
from Norman and Adrienne Schlossberg
from Ellen Shapiro and Meriel Lindley
from LJ Woodard

Rose Brown
from Linda Sue Johnson

Calling Out Susan G. Komen for the Cure Years Ago
from Barbara Cymrot and Dafna Wu

Betsy Cipriano
from Pat Donahue

Susan Cohen
from Lauren Coodley

Gail Cohen
from Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon

Stephanie Cross
from Thomas Juarez

Gaye Doner-Tudanger
from Joy Doner-Mazzeo

Ginny Dorris
from Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon

Ronita Edgar
from Nancy Schuepbach

Nancy Evans
from Mary and Doug Harmon

Rebecca Farmer
from Jonathan Darr

Mimi Ferraro
from Elizabeth Robinson

Victoria L. Fischer, My Friend
from Jill Worrall Pomnichowski

Lisa Fuerst
from Anne Ashmead
from Laura and Mark Pitchford

Beth Gardner
from Thomas Gardner

Elizabeth Goldmann
from Sophie Heymann

Shirley Gordon
from Ruth Douglas

Gaby Grant
from Marie Marrs

Kathy Green
from Selene Green

Hilary Greene
from Lisa Griebel

Katie Harlow
from Renee Harlow

Karuna Jaggar
from Lucia Wade

Elisabeth Jay
from Jennifer Kern

from Linda Epley

Sallie Kelly
from Susan Mitchell

Andrew Kislik
from Marcia Ganeles-Kislik

Anne Klecan
from Julie Gottschalk

JoAnn Loulan
from Pamela Dorrell
from Adrienne Torf

Jeff Lyons
from Nancy Lyons

Colleen McDermott
from Lee Ann Slinkard

Donna Marie McMillan
from Judy Cohen

from Anonymous

Donna Menne
from Heidi Wachter

Helen Merzel
from Cheryl Merzel

Kathy Lynn Moore
from Arlene Miracola

from Dian Patrick

Ruth Ogilvie
from Brianne Ogilvie

Mrs. Carol Pitcherello
from Sandra Walker

My Mother, Rhoda Fay Parrish
from Anonymous

Planned Parenthood
from Martha Swartz

Judy Riis Williams
from Misha Klein

Dr. David Rose
from Anonymous

Julie Rossini
from Victoria Klein

Lisa Schneiderman
from Carrie Kasper

Alice and Mayet Schwartz
from Paul and Chris Kardon

Susan Schwartz Senstad
from Roberta Spieckerman

Katherine Shea
from Meryl Marshall-Daniels

Donald Sherak
from Gladys Sherak

Nina Sherak
from Gladys Sherak

Terri Smith
from Jessica Harbeck

Anne Somsel
from Ann Franklin
from Maz Burbank
from Beth Ward & Ay Ling Han
from Bob and Carla Horwitz
from Deborah Elkin

Tammy Spangler
from Naomi Glogower

Helen Sproull
from Miriam Rand

Lisa Staprans
from Rosalie Cornew

The BCAction Staff
from Mara Meaney-Ervin

The Warming Hut Hotties Team
from Linda Imlay

The Work You Do
from Lucero Barajas

Teri Thorowgood
from Elizabeth Thorowgood

Those Who Made the Think Before You Pink Toolkit
from Amy L. Harris

Lauren Trout
from Patricia Pierce
from Jack and Alex Trout

Angela Wall
from Andrew Rivera

Deborah Weiss
from Jonathan Weiss

Emma Louise Whitfield
from Stacey Parks

Karen Winograd
from Hillary smith

Alice Wolfson
from Barbara Goldberg
from Karen Bowen
from Deborah Agre

Mary Louise Woodcock
from Emily Woodcock

Leide Zaparoni
from Lochlann Jain

Patti Zussman – 60 Wonderful Years!
from Julie Zussman

Patti Zussman’s Birthday
from Lois and Milton Zussman


BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between March 21, 2012 and June 25, 2012.

Allison Adams
from Anonymous

Pat Anesi
from Lauri E. Fried-Lee

Rita Arditti
from Estelle Disch

Dorothy Baker Brooks
from Jacqueline Brooks

Patty Barnes
from Marianne Weston

Ann Bethke
from Mara Gordon

Jan Bleil
from Anonymous

Alma Borenstein Ohly
from Barbara and Joseph Blumenthal

Pearl Bronz
from Heidi Bronz

Doris Brown O’Shea
from Caroline O’Shea

Loretta Byrd
from Liisa Lyon

Lillian Campbell
from Elizabeth Bingham

Dorothy Caver Smith
from Margaret Morris

Rachel Cheetham Moro
from Bill and Ken Bahrs
from Caitlin Carmody
from Erin Courcey
from David Deacon
from Jennifer Dennis
from Marianna Dimentman
from Michael French
from Judith Harvey
from Glenys Henry
from Mary F. Holt
from Ilana Horn
from Kathleen Jannarone
from Kathleen Kolb
from Stephanie Kwok
from Andrew Kyzyk
from Cathie Malhouitre
from Yury Mandzhiev
from Kristin Marmion
from Tamera Shanker
from Rachelle Spyker
from Christine Stodden
from Emily and Damian Valentino
from Tatyana Vesselovskaya
from Robert Villone
from Frances Vitale
from Emily Wong

Susan G. Claymon
from Allan W. Claymon and Janet Schloemer

My Sisters, Connie and Judee
from Mary K. Harms

Robin Connors
from Anne Gill
from Claudia and Fred Schwab
from Sarah Wilson
from Winifred and Robert Zanotti

Casilda Daly
from Kate and Peter Daly

Loretta De Andreis
from Anonymous

Elba S. DeJesus
from Anna Poulin

Linda Dyer
from Barbara Gersh

May Elinson
from Eileen Goldman and Robert Gabriner

Penny Fernandez
from Marc Snyder

Susan Fithian
from Marion Thurnauer

Alex Freeman, My Sister
from Michelle D. Garcia

Lisa Gebo
from Joanne Yaffe

Jane Geisler
from Susan Mitchell

Helen Giltner
from Barbara Ivey

Maggie Goggin
from Nancy Hay

Judith Golby
from Virginia Franco

Lois M. Goldsby
from Sharon Goldsby Barnett

Kathy Gronborg
from Misha Klein

Peg Hahne
from Cheryl Hahne

Mary Hanlon
from Susan Mitchell

Susan Hill
from Kristi Swanson

Maurine Hovak
from Kathryn Kasey Hansen

Patricia Hughes Brennan
from Katie Brennan and Albert Gasser

Karen Jimenez
from Nina Horowitz Rothman

Sherrie Kelley
from Rita and Ernest Tibbles

Kate Kelly
from Anonymous

Eileen Klos
from Veronica Klos

Susan G. Komen
from Jamison Foser

Shirley Kort
from Michele Kort

Christine LaFia
from Tracey Wilson

Nancy Leventhal
from Joan and Steve Goldblatt

Debbie Levin
from Tracey Wilson

Ellen Lew
from Anonymous

Billie Loulan
from Mary Orbe

Shirley Lupton
from Renee Gibbons

Linda Markell
from Anonymous

Elsie Markman
from Sheila Markman

Debra Mayo
from Sharon and Eugene Sullivan

Erin McKenney
from Meryl Marshall-Daniels

Ann McLaughlin
from Elle Hoffnagel and Terry J. Murphy

Lucretia Melkonian
from Carol Sirkovich

Diann Melnick
from Jennifer Bar-Nahum

Lauren Mills Mooney
from Catharine Bomhold

Laura Mori
from Kazuo Mori

Rachel Moro
from Sharon Berse
from Amy and William Hall
from Keelin and David Hutzley
from Violet Pagan
from Jason Paltrowitz
from Karen and David Peetz
from Ekaterina Sokolova

Maureen Murphy Catron
from Clare Murphy

My Mother
from Beverly E. Morris

Katy Jane Nowlin Hanson, My Grandmother Who Died From Breast Cancer
from Jaydee Hanson

Rita Ann Ordille
from Nola Lorincz

Rosalie A. Palmer, My Mother
from Jill Worrall Pomnichowski

Kim Kathryn Pistey Lhynne
from Erika Bowman
from Shelley Brown
from Heather Driscoll
from Beth and Michael Evkhanian
from Marlene Fink and Stephen Lebbert
from Russian River Watershed Protection Committee
from Art von Lehe

Elenore Pred
from Yael Dvora Yanich

Lisa Reisner
from Sarah Hochstetler

Judy Revord
from Frances H. Taylor

Murial Ruby
from Faye Plum

Shirley Sadowitz
from Barbara and Howard Rood

Lina Santos
from Anonymous

Shanti Shapiro
from Anonymous

Marilyn Shea
from Anonymous

Elayne Silva
from Karin Koff

Pat Singer
from Judi Lewis

Eloise Stephens
from Miriam Rand

Clare Skvorc
from Margee Robinson

Allana Spriggs
from Anonymous

Pat Steele, My Cousin
from Beverly E. Morris

Catherine Stepniewski
from Holly Ignatowski

Jennifer Jo Stickney
from Sena Janky

Cyndi Topnik
from Amy MacLeod

Marsha Trouton
from Anonymous

Julia Ulrich
from Lori Jeanne Peloquin

Marilyn Wagner, Ph.D.
from Karen Kopelson

Maureen Wall
from Fran Obrien

Verna Wefald
from Steven Friedman

Elizabeth Wisniewski
from Despina Marnerakis

Mary Jane Witoszynski
from Jim Witoszynski

Regina Wuest
from Anne Thiel

Regi Kassel Yanich
from Yael Dvora Yanich

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