Meet Our New Staff Members

We are very happy to introduce you to three great women who have recently joined the staff at Breast Cancer Action.

Annie Sartor

I joined BCAction in August as the Policy & Campaigns Coordinator and hit the ground running. My first task has been to take the lead coordinating our award-winning Think Before You Pink® campaign. The 2012 campaign, “It’s an Epidemic, Stupid!,” launched barely one month after I arrived and it has been a tremendous way to start.

I’ve been an activist since high school and throughout my years at the University of Washington, where I completed my undergraduate degree in women’s studies. Before joining BCAction, I served as the Global Finance Senior Campaigner for 4 of my 6 years at Rainforest Action Network. I have extensive experience in campaign development, planning and implementation.

I love grassroots community organizing and I have a fierce passion for social and environmental justice. I am really fired up about this year’s TB4UP campaign. This campaign is a fantastic opportunity to call out corporate and political hypocrisy in pinkwashing. It’s a great time to put pressure on our government and on breast cancer movement leadership. The time has come for them to take responsibility for addressing and ending this epidemic. We’re facing a public health crisis. We, along with others in this movement, have an imperative to demand meaningful action.

Marie Bautista

I also started BCAtion this August and also hit the ground running as the new Development Officer. My main focus has been our second annual Action Speaks Louder Than Pink: Food for Thought fundraiser, which we held last week at Technique Restaurant in San Francisco. It was a fabulous event and brought together several generations of BCAction activists to celebrate a decade of Think Before You Pink campaigns and raise money to fund our education and advocacy work.

I completed my undergraduate work in Communications and Asian American Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara and that’s where I discovered my love for event planning and fundraising. I honed my passion at Asian Health Services and Children’s Hospital & Research Center Foundation, and at the Institute on Aging in San Francisco. I’ve had opportunities to coordinate large events with unlimited resources, and though these have been fruitful learning experiences, over the years I’ve realized that I love the challenge in the nonprofit sector of working with limited budgets. To be successful at it, you really have to passionately believe in your cause. This is one reason that BCAction is a great fit for me.

Elizabeth Zehren-Byers

I’ve been at BCAction for a few months and am working here part-time as the Gifts Processor. I also work for the California State Parks Foundation. I used to work with an IT company, then I got bitten by the nonprofit bug and was eventually drawn to animal rescue. In addition to my two jobs, I volunteer for both Save a Bunny in Mill Valley and House Rabbit Society in Richmond, and am the loving caretaker of two rabbits, Amber and Ricardo.

Though I’m only in the office two days a week, I can feel already how much my contribution is deeply appreciated by my coworkers in Development. I’ve also been told that my calm presence is appreciated by the entire staff, especially during campaign season!

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