Special Thanks: Fall 2012

Amy Firman for all her amazing design skills and generosity.

Alan Kleinschmidt and the SF Choral Society for tickets to remarkable performances at Davies Symphony Hall.

Barbara Carberry for mailing The Source out to those who don’t have online access.

Sara Brandon for helping out with both program support and administrative tasks.

Donald Phillips of Saigon Capital Markets, LLC for the generous donation of really nice office chairs and a desk.

Julie Morgan for amazing volunteer support in the office and at events.

Vanessa Raditz for her enthusiastic help with invitations and events. 

Michelle Garcia for help with our event mailing.

Barbara Wiener, Erika Carlson, Julia Kepler for representing BCAction at Q&A panels after Pink Ribbons Inc. screenings. 

Sandra Park for her participation in our June webinar “Take Back Our Genes: Ending the Patents on Breast Cancer Genes”.

Runi Limary for sharing her personal story in our June webinar “Take Back Our Genes: Ending the Patents on Breast Cancer Genes”.

Galen Joseph for her participation in our August webinar “Reducing Inequities in Breast Cancer: Why Experience Matters”.

Maria Caprio for her participation in our August webinar “Reducing Inequities in Breast Cancer: Why Experience Matters”.

Thank you to the following women who have joined our Speakers’ Bureau:
Eleanor Barrett
Deborah Blanche
Heidi Bronz
Erika Carlson
Aggie Dalton
Michelle Garcia
Evelyn Hamrick
Shazia Manji
Lori Marx-Rubiner
Zakiya Moton
Anna A. Poulin
Maria Reyna
Katherine Shea
Robyn Stoetzel
Karym Urdaneta
Vickie Williams
Laurie Williams
Susan Zager

Jaymie Griffin, Rita Usher and everyone who participated in the Minnesota Pink Ribbon Run raising thousands benefitting Breast Cancer Action! Your continued support and efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Many thanks to Tammy Borichevsky and Keith Miller and their countless volunteers for organizing the 12th annual Support Strokes. Special thanks to the paddlers: Marie Bautista, Rose Curreri, Tim Dubbs, Margie Gilford, Karuna Jaggar, Sumita Jaggar, Paul MacIntyre, Amanda Moore, David Otten, Sherry Vaughn, and Angela Wall. 

Special thanks to former BCAction Board Member, Tori Freeman, host of 12 Hot Dates And Silent Auction, a fundraiser benefitting Breast Cancer Action, and all those involved in helping to raise over $9,000 through this event.

Event Participants

  • Andrew
  • Ben
  • Bonnie
  • Cheri
  • Clarence Eddie Russell
  • Dan
  • Danica
  • Greg
  • JD
  • Jennifer
  • Kelly
  • Larry
  • Michaela
  • Niyi
  • Ron
  • Shannon
  • Teresa
  • Tevye

Event Volunteers
Elizabeth Graham
Vanessa Raditz

Thank you to Shelly Sweeney, who held a Zumba event at the Alpine Hills Club. Thank you for selecting Breast Cancer Action to be the beneficiary of this fantastic afternoon event!

Action Speaks Louder Than Pink – Food for Thought

Emcee: New York Times bestseller and social commentator, Ayelet Waldman

Event & In-kind Sponsors:

  • Anonymous
  • Bi-Rite Market
  • California Culinary Academy – Their staff and students were stellar and instrumental in the success of food prep and service.
  • Mechanics Bank
  • Plumbline Coaching and Consulting 
  • Green Postcards

Event Committee Members: Sheryl Alexander, Michelle Garcia and Helen Parnisi


  • Hillside Supper Club’s Chefs Tony Ferrari and Jonathan Sutton 
  • Millennium’s Chef Eric Tucker
  • King of Mushrooms’ Todd Spanier
  • Plant Café’s Chefs Susanne Stampke and Sascha Weiss

Ryder Goodwin – thank you for designing a fabulous logo for the event.

A very special thank you to Miriam Hidalgo, who in the final weeks brought her experience and networking prowess to the event.

Thanks to Golden Gate Meat Company, Greenleaf and Veritable Vegetable for providing the animal and plant products to the event!

In-Kind Donors:

  • Americano
  • Ayelet Waldman 
  • Chef Heather Haxo Philips
  • Chronicle Books
  • Cliff House
  • Eatwell Farm
  • Eco-Me
  • Gary Danko
  • Hello Lucky
  • Jardiniere
  • Molly Meng
  • Range
  • Real Food Co.
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  • Tante Marie’s Cooking School
  • Urban Edibles
  • Yoga Source


  • Adrea Bryer
  • Julie Morgan 
  • Mara Meaney-Ervin 
  • Marla Stein 
  • Sara Brandon 
  • Vanessa Raditz
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