Human Genes Belong to Human Beings — NOT Corporations

Rally to Outlaw Human Gene PatentsWe’re leading the charge to outlaw human gene patents at the Supreme Court in April.

Myriad Genetics owns a patent on the human BRCA 1&2 genes – more commonly known as the “breast cancer” genes. On April 15th the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in our landmark case against Myriad’s patent, asking the question: “Can human genes be patented?”

Breast Cancer Action is the only national breast cancer organization that is a plaintiff in this case. Join us and other BCAction members and activists who are traveling from near and far to stand up for women’s health in Washington, D.C.

Patents on human genes harm women’s health. As long as a corporation owns our genes, corporate profits will always come before our health. A ruling against Myriad Genetics’ patents has the potential to open doors for all women living with and at risk of breast cancer.

We’re going up against a huge biotech company with deep pockets so we’ll be working hard over the next month to shine a spotlight on the harms of human gene patenting and ensure that your health comes before corporate profits. And we need your help! We need to raise $15,000 by April 15th to fund this historic event. Help us outlaw human gene patents. Make your donation today.

Our case against Myriad Genetics is about corporate control of our bodies, our health, and our futures. We’re challenging corporate monopolies that stymie progress, impede research, and drive up costs for all of us – all because a company has been permitted to patent the very DNA in our bodies! That’s why we’re standing up loud and strong to rally for all our health.

When: Gather at 9:00am EST, rally starts at 9:30am and will end around noon.
Where: Supreme Court of the United States, 1 First Street, NE Washington, DC 20543.
Who: You, your friends, family, and colleagues; BCAction staff, members, activists and partners from across the country taking a stand against human gene patenting.
What to Expect: Banners and signs, speeches from passionate women’s health activists and BRCA-positive women.
RSVP: Make sure to let us know you’ll be there!
Donate: Help us raise $15,000 by April 15th!

Take part in this historic moment. Join us for the rally to outlaw human gene patents on the U.S. Supreme Court steps. And help us shine a spotlight on the issue of human gene patents by making a donation today.

BCAction has long taken a stand to put patients before corporate profits: it’s time the Supreme Court did the same. Stand with us against the patenting of our genes and corporate control of our health.

Many thanks to our partner organizations who have endorsed our rally to outlaw human gene patents: Center for Genetics and Society, Council for Responsible Genetics, Friends of the Earth, International Center for Technology Assessment, Knowledge Ecology International, National Women’s Health Network, Our Bodies Ourselves, and Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research 

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