Help Us Outlaw Human Gene Patents

By Annie Sartor, BCAction Policy and Campaigns Coordinator

Let’s be very clear. Human gene patents don’t get us any closer to ending the breast cancer epidemic. Corporations that patent human genes do it to make money. Breast Cancer Action will not let profits come before patients. That’s why we are opposing human gene patenting in the case to be heard before the U.S. Supreme Court on April 15th!

Help us outlaw human gene patents by making a donation of $50 today. We need to raise $15,000 by April 15th to help fund our groundbreaking advocacy work. 

BCAction is the only breast cancer organization that is a plaintiff in this landmark case challenging a corporation’s right to patent human genes. We can take on biotech bigwigs like Myriad because we refuse funding from companies that profit from breast cancer – we are accountable only to you. 

Myriad Genetics makes billions off their patents on the “breast cancer genes,” while women bear the health costs:  

  • Genetic testing costs are high ($3,000+) because one corporation sets the price tag; 
  • There are no second opinions after an inconclusive test result because one corporation has a monopoly on the test. Inconclusive results disproportionately occur for women of color; 
  • Critical breast cancer research is blocked because one corporation sets the research agenda and hoards all of the biodata they collect from women. 

Help us end Myriad’s monopoly on our genes. Make a donation right now to ensure patients come before corporate profits.

I’m busy planning our rally on the Supreme Court steps on April 15th, and I’m counting on your support as we go toe-to-toe with a huge biotech company that is blocking breast cancer research, setting exorbitant prices for genetic testing, and harming women’s health.Chip in now to fund our fearless advocacy for women’s health. 

P.S. I hope you can join us for a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court during oral arguments in Washington, D.C. on April 15th. RSVP today and invite your friends! 

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