Donations in Honor and Memory: Spring 2013

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.


BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between November 1, 2012 and April 5, 2013.

20 Year Survivorship
from Jacqueline B. Woody

Peggy Adeboi
from Sheila Gholson

Veronica Alfano
from Samantha Franklin

All Breast Cancer Survivors
from Sandra and Mel Toponce

Abigail Arons
from Elissa and Daniel Arons

Linda Azer
from Nick Azer

Jane Balkin Matz
from Simona Angela Ghirlanda

Phillip Banks
from Phillip Banks

Gail Barnett
from Brady Den

from Faith Raider

Denise Beraud
from Annette Battaglia

Joyce Bichler
from Denise and Todd Helfstein
from Rosey and Stuart Rudnick
from Arlene and Robert Stams

Sandra Blank
from Bobbi de Cordova-Hanks

Roberta Bonwit
from Joan Finnigan

Eve Borenstein
from Karen Strauss
Ruth Borenstein
from Karen Strauss

Diana and Gigi Bowen and Amoguez
from Jeff De Loyola

Alison Braverman
from Vicki Green

Barbara Brenner
from Anonymous (2)
from Joyce Bichler and Michael Kimbarow
from Joan E. Biren
from Joseph S. Brenner
from Claudia Center
from Beth A. Chapman
from Carol Christ and Paul Alpers
from Matthew Coles
from Lillian Sandra Coliver
from Penelope Cooper and Rena Rosenwasser
from Estelle B. Freedman and Susan Krieger
from Judith Gedalia
from Fred Gertler
from Glikman Associates
from Nancy and Alan Goldstein
from Mary Gregory
from Maryann Hickelton
from Joanne K. Hilferty
from Susan Hoffman
from James C. Hormel and Michael P. Nguyen
from Jill C. Israel
from Jill Jakes
from Leonie and Glen Janken
from M. Anne Jennings
from Anne L. Josephson and Dolph J. Vanderpol
from Jane Kahn Michael Bien
from Mary Law
from Rochelle Lefkowitz and Lawrence Kramer
from Elaine Leitner
from Susan Liroff
from Deborah J. Marx
from Marilyn Milkman and Adam Gordon
from Kelly Moran
from Nancy Pemberton and Jeff Parker
from Justin Putney
from Ellen W. Reath
from Ellen Seeherman, Stuart Sloame and Joanna Sloame
from Judith Raphael Shrager and Henry Shrager
from Nina Ginsberg Smith
from Rebecca and Jordan Stanger
from Karen Strauss
from Laurie J. Woodard
from Roberta Gelb

Barbara Brenner and Susie Lampert
from Irma D. Herrera and Mark D. Levine
from Kyra Subbotin and Henry Siegel

Ruth Brown
from Laurine Brown

Linda Burnett
from Myra Hindus
from Ivy A. Turner

Jenna Caldwell
from Julie James

Camp Lejuene Victims
from Samarys Seguinot-Medina

Colin Campbell
from Stacey Campbell

Beverly Canin
from Deborah Forter and Benjamin Hansbury

Dr. Nancy Cappello
from Kim Whittemore

Sha Sha Chu and Amanda Yeaton-Massey
from Tracy Espeleta
from Kahn Rhrissorrakrai

Jeannine Collins
from Barbara Thomason and Anna Crawford

Natalie Compagni Portis
from Beverly Portis

Linda Coultes
from Jane Ediger

Adele Denner
from Karen Strauss

Carol Dilworth
from Lauren Owens

Marilyn Dorfman
from Lisa Bedard

Diane Drum
from Jeannine Hart

Nancy Dyson
from Anonymous

Susan Eckstein
from Colleen Young

Kathy Farmer
from Rebecca Farmer

Karin Felix-Faure
from Anonymous

Judy Fjell
from Lenore Dale Ralston

Shelly Fox
from Susan Greene

Alice Chandra Fritz
from Margaret W. Conkey

Dorothy Geoghegan
from Joseph S. Conway

Lori Leigh Gieleghem
from Karen Merritt

Jan Gillis
from Nancy Gillis

Lorrie Goldin
from Barbara Wunsch

Paulette Gomes
from Julie Gleason

Common Thread Breast Cancer Support Group
from Michele Shimek

Nanci Grail
from Nickie Hilbert

Meissa Guarners
from David Morell

Flora Gursky Stolzberg
from Barbara Cymrot and Dafna Wu

Vicki Haggin
from Vicki and Thomas Haggin

Amy Halio M.D.
from Suzi Goldmacher

Pat Hartley
from Patricia Hartley

Sheila Hash
from Adrea Brier

Karen Herman
from Jennifer Power

Marilza Maia Herzog
from Alissa Friedman

Linda Hill
from Ann Strange

Gaye Houck
from Anonymous

Margaret Hughes
from Marjorie Fine

Judy Huntress
from Kirby Ramstad

Molly Ivins
from Evelyn Jo Wilson and Carol Bennett

Karuna Jaggar
from Lee Ann Slinkard and Maria Morris
from Jane Sprague Zones
from Ellen Bierhorst

Ali Kahn
from Anne Scanley

Emma, Annie, Katie and Michelle
from Rachel Fertik

Jennie Kelehan
from Mark Adams

Michael Kimbarow & Joyce Bichler
from Roberta Elman
from Susan Tobachnik and Arnie Berman

Michael Kimbarow
from Herb Sonny Davis
from Carol Wilhelmy

Michael Kimbarow’s Birthday
from Sheryl Alexander

Rosa Elena Kinder
from Trinidad Madrigal

Johanna King
from Johanna King

Jenny Kirkineska Moth
from Daniel Moth

Barbara Klapper
from Elle Hoffnagel and Terry J. Murphy

Kathy Klos
from Anonymous

Lauren Koenig
from Anonymous

Colleen Kranz
from Marianne McPherson

Cynthia Kuehn
from Cheryl Graham

Selina Lam
from Lily Tse

Tracy Landon
from Julie Gottschalk

Donna Largent
from Mike Golub

Deborah S. Levine
from Marion and Dana Levine

Dorrine Levy
from Susie Baldwin

Naomi Loewen
from Anonymous

JoAnn Loulan
from Suzanne Crane

Michelle Garcia
from Angela Young

Susan Gilmore
from Chris C

Sara Maamouri
from Deborah Garcia

Joann Madigan
from Anonymous
from Elaine Williams

Martha Mata
from Edward Zuckerman

Marilyn McGriff
from Marilyn McGriff

Sharon McIntosh
from Judy Jeffreys

from Kristin Bright

Jenny Mendoza
from Maren Klawiter

Melinda Moffitt
from Miriam and Ona Rand

Rachel Morello-Frosch
from Karen Strauss

Julie A. Morgan
from Jo Ann Morgan
from Suzy Tompkins

Lori Morton
from Robert D. Morton

Mother, Sister, Sister
from Karen Marble Hall

My Mother Alison, a 22 Year Survivor
from Anonymous

from Margot Gerber

My Survivor Friends
from Barbara D. Krause

Barclay Neumann
from Anonymous

Julie Ohnemus
from Julie Ohnemus and Jenifer Pace

Dr. Kelly O’Neal
from Jessea Greenman and Darlene Ceremello

Callie Oneese
from Cathy and John Bair

Jacqueline Pickering
from Jacquie and John Pickering

Kim Pistey
from Daisy Pistey-Lyhne

Renee Quick
from Mary and Dan Aschenbrener
from Ellen Benson
from Kip Kinzel
from Debra Krajacic
from Mary Pat Panetti
from Barbara Rand
from Kathy Rossiter

Susan Rancourt
from Karen Strauss

Julie Ravitz
from Todd and Julie Ravitz

Larry E. Rose
from Lawrence Rose

Belle Shayer
from David Shayer

Katherine Shea
from A. Carol and Kathryn McKenney

Judy Shoobe
from Bruce Wolfeld

Lee Ann Slinkard
from Charlotte Lagarde

Toni Smith
from Allie Perry

Laura Snyder
from Anonymous

Niki Stanley
from Andrea Yeager-Ford

Kyra Subbotin
from Laura Enriquez

The Athey Granchildren
from Coral J. Fry

The IV League
from Inga Marie Carmel

Those Who Participate Fully In Their Health
from Anonymous

Suzie Dod Thomas
from Jane Armbruster and Malcolm Davis

Jane Torres
from Jane Torres

Vivian Trotz
from Lester Garfinkel

Star Urmston
from June Kailes

Sarah Vradenburg
from Sarah Vradenburg

Michelle Waters
from Robin Keyser

Robin Wear
from Kathleen Clark

Pearl Weiss
from Robert Weiss

Lise Wrigley
from Larry Wartel

Jacqueline Zita
from Karen Clark

Marilyn Zivian
from Frances Singer

Jane Zones
from Anne Salsbury and Jules Steimnitz
from Arlyn Zones and Donald Walker

Dr. Diana Zuckerman
from Edith Mostow


BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between November 1, 2012 and April 5, 2013.

Mary Allen
from Paul Allen

Katie Allen
from Margaret Rossoff

Barbara Alveal
from Terri Morris Downs

Joyce Ambrosini
from Margaret G. Langston

Rita Arditti
from Estelle Disch
from Judith Norsigian
from Rochelle Ruthchild
from Tatiana Schreiber
from Barbara Siegel

Alice Arndt
from Anonymous

Nancy Baker Walter
from Catherine Teare and Christina Lahey

Linda Baralt
from Lorraine Carson

Joyce Beachy
from Peak View Elementary School
from Terri J. Tucker
from Patricia Walters

Bertha Benjamin
from Wendy Diehl

Alex Bloom
from Catherine Geanuracos

Krista Brandt Calegari
from Donna Hiraga-Stephens and Alan Stephens

Mary Bravo Galindo
from Louise Galindo and Jeffrey Gardiner

Leslie Brenner
from Diane and Edwin Bernbaum

Linda Brogan
from Donna Brogan

Dorothy Bruggeman
from Linda Louise McMahan

Loretta Byrd
from Liisa Lyon

Carol Cabell
from Noemi Levine

Pearl Cadiz
from Jane Vincent Corbett

Susan Charron
from Caroline Kovesi

Cindy Chin
from Liwen Mah

Pascale Chow
from Jennifer Bailer

Mildred Clark
from Karen Clark

Pauline Clingan
from Travis Megill

Lanie Zide Cohen
from Deborah Cohen

Jackie Cohen
from Katherine Cohen

Susan Cohen
from Brenda Eskenazi and Eric Lipsitt
from Andi Gladstone

Gayle Cohen
from Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon

Trisha Creekmore
from Cathy R. Fischer

Margaret Currivan’s Mother
from Angela Young

Renee Dake Murphy
from Sandra and Davis Riggs

Cheryl Daly
from Lori Daly

Jean S. Davis
from Nancy Davis and Donna Hitchens

Dan Denefe
from Seamus Donohoe

Juanita Deness
from Diana Hickson

Linda Dyer
from Anonymous

Sue Edelmann
from Karen Getman

May Elinson
from Elaine Elinson
from Karen Strauss

Karen D. Ennis
from Nancy Davis and Donna Hitchens

from Myra Hogan

Willi Evans Wolfe
from Caroline Villa

Ethel Fialkin
from Alice Fialkin

Susan Fine
from Frank and Marie Campisi
from We Can Row Boston
from Frank and Marie Campisi
from Casey Durkin
from Nikki Harris
from Donna Russo

Adrienne Frank-Musson
from Juliette Boewe

Sheila Gadsden
from John Crew

James Gallagher
from Diane DeMartini

Marlyn J. Geisert
from Leslie and Erik Doyle

Rose Giannini
from Christina Accomando

Carolyn Ginsburg
from Lisa Bedard

Deena Glass
from Marty R. Sochet
from Judy A. Vasos

Lois Marie Goldsby
from Stacy Goldsby

Cindy Grant Munroe
from Debby Rodrigues

Mimi Gray
from Victoria Gray

Anne Gurvin
from Ruby S. Bernstein

Beth Haas
from Varya Simpson

Dawn Hannafin
from Barbara Dickey and Donna Ryu

Selma Butter Hannah Wilke
from Marsie Scharlatt

Kathy Haycock
from Cynthia Reed Buck

Laurel Hedley
from Mary Hedley and Stephen P. Morrell

Bonnie Heit
from Herva Lenore Schwartz

Carol Hilgendorf Brown
from Araminda Sipple

Jean Hoff
from Anonymous

Lori Hoover
from James Butler

Connie and Judee Harms
from Dona and Joseph Santo

Patricia Hughes Brennan
from Katie Brennan and Albert Gasser

Linda Inglis
from Adam Inglis

Cynthia Jameson
from Charlotte Jurehn-Lewis

Janine Kairis
from Gwendolyn Stritter

Kathi Kamen Goldmark
from Peggy Orenstein and Steven Okazaki

Anne Keck-Tomasso
from Jan Adrian

Eugene Kirby
from Gulie Molkenthin

Jackie Kohl
from Dora C. Weaver

Donna Largent
from Barbara Slone

Karen Lazarus
from Anonymous

Debbie Levin and Leanne Rhodes
from Tracey Wilson

Cheryl Leiphart
from Karen Gunnet

Ellen Lew
from Anonymous

Marcy Libster
from Rachelle Fox

Christina Lim
from Clifford Nakamoto

Felicia J. Louie
from Anonymous

Billie Loulan
from Anonymous

Ellen Rice Lowery
from Margaret Lowery Walsh

Irene MacDonald
from Annette Battaglia

Terry MacMillan
from Lacey Byrne

Cindy Marano
from Judith A. Patrick

Maggie Marceau
from Darlene R. Peck

Constance Marcopulos
from Cindy Marcopulos

Michele Mason
from Michele and Daniel Mason

Betty Mayman
from Marjorie Charney

Sheila McNamara
from Chris C.

from Elissa Sampson

Mary Mikrut
from Linda Johnson

Nancy Mills
from Heather and Kitt Sawitsky

Judith Milkman
from Marilyn Milkman and Adam Gordon

Mother, Aunt, and Sister
from Anonymous

Mother Eleanor
from Ronnie Sandler

Susan Murphy
from Andrea De la Cuba
from Daphne Keevil Harrold
from Kevin LaRoche

Rebecca Nataloni
from Frances Nataloni

Barbara Neckel
from Mary L. Drinnon

Tanya Neiman
from Dale Kern

Kim Nelson
from Christine Fleming

Marti Nelson
from Patricia Jordan

Kathy O’ Brien Franks
from Charles Grinnell

Mary O’Brien
from Ingrid O’Brien

Rita Ann Ordille
from Nola Lorincz

Margy Ortiz
from Lori Berlin

from Shirley Cohen

Patients and Friends Lost
from Garrett Wdowin

Albine Pavia
from Simona Angela Ghirlanda

Carol Pepper
from Anonymous

Beverly Pernell
from Deanne Pernell

Norma Peterson
from Cynthia Dorfman

Debbie Escobido Pierson
from Nikki Nahmens Gage and John Gage

Kim Pistey
from Nicholas Chan

Wendy Powell
from Annie Powell

Elenore Pred
from Celia E. Callaway
from Patricia Goodall Strawderman

Sheila Presto
from Mary Lievore

Melissa Quan
from Charlotte Jurehn-Lewis

Judy Revard
from Iris Biblowitz and Frances Taylor

Dolores Rhodes
from Julie Rivera

Jane Rogge
from Brenda Nelson

Brenda Roth
from Eleanor Barrett
from Sandra Morris
from Nikki Nahmens Gage and John Gage
from Irwin and Frances Roth

Annelise Rothman
from Edith Kaplan

Tina Ruppel
from John L. Ruppel

Kristen Ruth
from Sarah Burke

Mary (Chi-Chi) Sanford
from Deborah Lambert

Barbara Scott
from Leah Kaizer and David Salk

Maureen Sheehan
from Jessica Smyser

from Charlotte Knabel

Lucy Sherak
from Ken Fischer and Carlyn M. Montes De Oca

Allana Spriggs
from Anonymous

Susan Stone
from Lee Sider

Susan Stone
from Ellen Schwerin and Aman Daro

Karen Sutherland
from Lisa Pred-Sosa and Juan Sosa

Louise Taub
from Meaveen O’Connor

Linda Tilley
from Anonymous

Barbara Tingey
from Erika Tingey

Savina Waldvogel
from Pauline Attard

Julie Walwick
from Christine Wick

Jenni Wegielewski
from Cassie Waldeck

Winnie Wilcke
from Lois W. Goggin

Francis M. Wilcox
from Emily Hoyer and Bonnie Faigeles

David Wilkerson
from Susan Wilkerson

Sherrie Wilkins
from Carol Schultz

Jackie Judi Winnow Bari
from Helen Vozenilek

Jean Winter Lankford
from Susan Lankford

Donna Young
from Lois Pickett

Bettee Young
from Jaime Young

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