Free Webinar: Fracking and Its Connection to Breast Cancer

nofrackingIt’s not too late to register for our next webinar: Fracking and Its Connection to Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Action is extremely concerned about fracking’s impact on public health, and so is a growing movement of individuals and organizations across the country. Please join us on Monday April 29th or Tuesday April 30th to have an informative conversation about fracking, its impacts on human health and what we need to do to protect public health and stop cancer before it starts.

Register for Monday April 29th 11am (PST)/2pm (EST)

Register for Tuesday April 30th 2pm (PST)/5pm (EST)

Breast Cancer Action’s own Annie Sartor, Policy and Campaigns Coordinator, will host this webinar joined by, Jennifer Krill, Executive Director of Earthworks and Karen Joy Miller, Environmental Chair, New York State Breast Cancer Network, member organization Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition, Inc.

During the webinar we will:

  • Provide an overview of the fracking process and why it is harmful
  • Explain how fracking introduces cancer risks into communities
  • Clarify what we know about fracking and its connections to breast cancer
  • Describe what a precautionary approach to fracking would look like
  • Talk about how can you get involved on this pressing public health issue

Join us on Monday April 29th 11am (PST)/2pm (EST) or Tuesday April 30th 2pm (PST)/5pm (EST) for this free webinar to learn about the harms of fracking and how you can get involved in challenging this toxic industry.

Here’s what people are saying about our free educational webinars:

“Super informative.”

“Thanks so much for putting on this webinar. I found it very informative and useful!”

“Thanks for a very well done webinar. Well executed with a lot of good, inspiring information.”

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