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Barbara Brenner died on May 10, 2013. At her request, donations in lieu of flowers can be made to the Barbara Brenner Rapid Response Fund. 

The Barbara Brenner Rapid Response Fund (Barbara’s Fund) honors Barbara’s fifteen years of leadership as Breast Cancer Action’s (BCAction) first full-time Executive Director, as well as her commitment to women’s health and ending the breast cancer epidemic. Under Barbara’s leadership, BCAction became well-known for responding rapidly, accurately, truthfully and fearlessly to issues about breast cancer. New and crucial issues always arise in the breast cancer movement. Resources are needed in order to respond to them, educate the public, and motivate people to take action. Therefore, the dollars raised from Barbara’s Fund will support program activities that address crucial emerging issues in breast cancer.

The Barbara Brenner Rapid Response Fund is a temporarily restricted fund whereby only a certain percentage of the fund may be spent in a fiscal year, thereby ensuring the fund is sustained over time.

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About Barbara Brenner

Barbara Brenner was new to the women’s health movement when she joined the board of Breast Cancer Action (BCA) in September 1994, a year after her first diagnosis with breast cancer. She became BCA’s first full-time Executive Director in 1995 when BCA was just five years old. Shortly after, she had a local recurrence of breast cancer, resulting in a mastectomy. Through her power to turn something deeply personal into a publicly accessible motivation for systemic change, she transformed the lives of women living with and at risk for developing breast cancer.

Barbara’s effectiveness as a tireless leader of the breast cancer movement is demonstrated not only in changes in the breast cancer world, but also in the growth and achievements of Breast Cancer Action during her tenure from 1995 – 2010. Her refusal to tolerate injustice compelled people to take action. Her commitment to tell the truth – always – about issues in breast cancer has led to positive change.

The energy and passion that Barbara has brought to the breast cancer movement will continue through the work of Breast Cancer Action and the fund established to honor the brand of activism that BCAction achieved under her leadership.

Click here to read Barbara’s obituary. 

If you have questions about the Fund, please contact BCAction’s Development Director, Sarah Harding at or 415-243-9301 x17 or toll free at 877-2STOPBC.


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