We Won at the Supreme Court! Here’s How You Responded.

FacebookSquareVictoryTHANK YOU from all of us here at Breast Cancer Action for your support and activism as we’ve worked tirelessly together to challenge patents on the “breast cancer genes” and ALL human genes. We would not have won at the Supreme Court today without your support. 

Breast Cancer Action cannot and will not be bought. We are able to challenge corporate control of our health because we are a grassroots organization and our power and funding comes from YOU. Thank you for standing with us and helping bring about this landmark victory for women’s health and ALL our health.

Check out just a few of the excited, happy responses to our victory together today. 

  • “I’m surprised to find I’m actually in tears right now – wasn’t expecting to be so emotional about this!!! Thank you, Breast Cancer Action, so much, for all of your work and dedication… SOOOO happy that it has paid off with such a VICTORY today!!!!”
  • “Yes! I feel like we’ve gotten our bodies back (a little bit anyway).”
  • “I was so excited to hear the news, I cried.”
  • “This is so fine!!!!! 2 months ago I was standing outside the Supreme Court with Breast Cancer Action on the day arguments were presented! Big win for all of us.”
  • “Woo-hoo! Faith restored! We all knew that human genes “could not” be patented. Now the Supreme Court says it too! Congratulations to BCAction, the ACLU and others…”
  • “This is a fantastic development that will help research and innovation move ahead.”
  • “This is a real victory for women’s health. Many thanks to Breast Cancer Action and all the activists and advocates who made this win possible. A unanimous decision, no less!
  • “I’m dancing in my chair!”
  • “SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS!!!!! I paid $3,500, now you won’t have to!!!!”
  • “So thrilled. Logic and science prevail! Thank you for all your hard work on this!!!!”
  • “Thank you! I just got my bill from this lab and it is outrageous!”
  • “Corporations can no longer own human genes! Let me say it again, CORPORATIONS CAN NO LONGER OWN HUMAN GENES.”
  • “Thank you justice warriors, fearless friends, smart and courageous woman! From the bottom of my genes!”
  • “It’s a total game changer for so many people and will impact around the world. Thanks from Ireland.”
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