Donations in Honor and Memory: Summer 2013

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.


BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between April 6, 2013 and June 25, 2013.

Isabel Adams
from Sara Adams

Breast Friends For Life At Ponte Vedra Beach
from Florie and Joseph Adiutori

Eileen Barbas
from Estrellita Punzalan

Joan E. Biren
from Ethan Pirk
from Mary Farmer

Ingrid Boucher
from Karen Wisniewski

Barbara Brenner
from Anonymous
from Elaine Leitner
from Margo Perin
from Darlene Ceremello
from Barbara Dickey
from Stephanie Roberts, M.D.
from Catherine Pantsios
from Katherine Krumwiede

Rose Brown
from Linda Sue Johnson

Laura Burtness
from Marta Drury and Kerry Lobel

A fearless fighter who has left us, but will not be forgotten
from Karen Bowen and Beth Gerstein

Beverly Canin
from Patricia Carroll-Mathes

Diane Carr
from Mary Anne McGuire-Hickey

Virginia Champoux
from Renata Razza
Elaine Costello
from Kaitlin Kalkstein

Harper Ellen Garrison
from Candace Frates

Roberta Gelb
from Ilene Winkler

Ilene Gerstein – Happy Mother’s Day!
from Linda Karlsberg

Chryse Glackin
from Bella August

Stacy Goldsby
from Sharon Goldsby Barnett

Mary Harris
from Donna Harris

Luane Hayden
from Leslie Hayden

Sherry Hill McGee
from Karen Klein

Barbara Klapper
from Elle Hoffnagel and Terry J. Murphy

Karen Kline
from Bill Hirsh

Nadine Kramer
from Merila Kramer

Suzanne Lampert and Barbara Brenner
from Ellen Leopold

JoAnn Loulan
from Suzanne Crane

Donna MacLeod
from Karen Haas

Martha Mata
from Liza Levine and Edward Zuckerman
Stacy Miller
from Lisa Korwin

Sarah Milstein
from Sarah Milstein

Laura Monforton
from Christine Legan

Julie Morgan
from Kerri Hamernick
from Lisa Hartmayer
from Heather Lind
from Amanda Remington
from Chris Thomas

Monika Moysich
from Kirsten Moysich

Catherine Myers
from John Treat

Mother, Fay Parrish
from Anonymous

Robert Perotti
from Judy Perotti

Chris Ravays and Peer van Schetsen
from Conny Hendirckx

Laura Rollins Emmett
from Biagio DelVillano

Belle Shayer
from David Shayer

Katherine Shea
from Anonymous

Eleanor Simmonds
from Virginia Franco

Heather Smith
from Myrna Smith

Dorian Solot
from Suzanne Miller and Walter Vom Saal
Mary Jane Spillane
from Pamela Daly

Fran Strauss
from Polly Ikonen

Erika and Sean Sullivan
from Melissa Forbes
from Tammy Balogh
from Christina Martinez
from Randolph Lafferty

Paul Tobin
from Susan Tobin

Danny Trachtenberg
from Sam Trachtenberg

Mary Ann Valenzuela
from Edward Valenzuela

Marisa Vierra
from Lorna Maria Vierra

Cheryl Waters
from Phyllis Hatfield

Marilyn Zivian
from Fran and Bud Johns

Patti Zussman
from Lois and Milton Zussman

All women
from Renee Harlow

from Catharine E. Kibira

Your great work
from Richard Whittaker

Heather, Dave and Hennessy
from Robert Lawrence

My mother
from Monica Berron

from Richard Schmidt

The Every Day Brave Ones
from Michael Kerber


BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between April 6, 2013 and June 25, 2013.

Madeline Albers Burnham
from Marilyn McBride

Joyce Ambrosini
from Margaret G. Langston

Gale Anziano
from Paul Anziano

Rita Arditti
from Estelle Disch

Diane Baker Raunig
from Valerie Finnerty

Kim Barber
from Nancy A. Milanese

Barbara Benoit
from Rachel Benoit

Alma Borenstein Ohly
from Barbara B. and Joseph Blumenthal

Helen Bousquet
from Sherrie Bousquet

Barbara Brenner
from Barbara Anger
from Barbara B. and Joseph Blumenthal
from Joyce Bichler and Michael Kimbarow
from Judy Bloom
from David and Sarah Brownell
from Ronnie Caplane
from Beth A. Chapman
from Anonymous (4)
from Abby Cohen
from Regina Covitt
from Marlene De Lancie
from Jobyna Dellar
from Gary R. Enschede
from Rebecca Farmer
from Lainey Feingold and Randy Shaw
from Cathy and Richard Freedberg
from Donna & Gil Gilboa
from Francine Gill
from Karen D. Glikman, Jerene DeLaney, M. C. Duboscq /Glikman/Associates
from Nora Graham
from Richard Grosboll
from Nina and Claude Gruen
from Carl and Gay Grunfeld
from E. Frances Hamilton
from Henry L. Hecht
from Elizabeth Hendrickson
from Lorraine Honig
from Linda Jupiter
from Lucille Karr
from Jean Lim
from Susan Liroff
from Helen Love
from Deborah J. Marx
from Pamela Mendelsohn
from Carolyn Nelka
from Nan O’Connor
from Noreen Vera Purcell
from Olga Patricia Purcell
from Sylvia Rickard Utah Breast Cancer Network
from Robley R. Passalacqua
from The San Francisco Foundation
from Fran Schwartz
from Herva Lenore Schwartz
from Ellen Seeherman and Stuart Sloame and Joanna Sloame
from Reva and John Segall
from Janette Sherman
from Regina A. Sneed
from Anne Somsel and Stephen Kobasa
from Katherine E. Stoner and Michelle A. Welsh
from Lucy Thomas
from Jeanne Maddox Toungara
from Lyllian Wendroff
from Lisa Westerback
from Jenny White
from Harriet and Sheldon Wolpoff
from Laurie J. Woodard
from Jane Sprague Zones and Stacey Zones
from Michael Bien and Jane Kahn
from Robyn Stein
from Angela Wall
from Joan Biren
from Alex Momtchiloff
from Angela Wall
from Bella August
from Helen Hoch
from Jeffrey Goldberg
from Jennifer Fishman
from Lori Ayre
from Lori Jeanne Peloquin
from Martha Paynter
from Michael Rice
from Penny Scanlon
from Steve Lew
from Tori Freeman
from Mady Shumofsky
from Ann Fonfa
from Kira Jones
from Abigail Wizansky
from Andi Biren
from Barbara and Jim Kautz
from Dina & Bill Weisberger
from Patricia Goodall
from Vicki Gabriner
from Gudrun Kemper
from Robert Volusher
from Ron and Linda Borkan
from Sandra Blair
from Joan Sanchez
from Peggy Orenstein
from Gerald Epstein
from Cynthia Jones
from Catherine Teare
from Jellila Khatib
from Zona Sage
from Randy Milden and Steve Mayer
from Mary Anne Courtney
from Terry Kraus
from Harriet Rosenberg
from Katherine Silberman
from Judith Gedalia
from Susan Shalit
from Bev Scott
from Adrienne Torf
from Susan Hutchison
from Alissa Friedman
from David Oppenheimer
from Adam Kanzer
from JoAnna Scandiffio
from Mary Hurley
from Penny Rosenwasser
from Karen Littman
from Tina Connelly
from Estelle Freedman
from Anita Kline
from Michelle Barber
from Mary and Dan Gregory
from Sharyn Potter
from Anna Saenz
from Patti-Lynne Campomizzi
from Kari Christianson
from Susan Herman
from Elana Lev
from Sandra Venning
from Tracey Wilson
from Lynne Carmichael
from Joanne Ruzek
from Robbie Lipsman
from Elizabeth Schaffer
from Angela Bradstreet
from Ellen Shapiro and Meriel Lindley
from Cheryl S. Cavitt
from Elly Cohen
from Jill Israel
from MJ Fleischman
from Maida Taylor
from Cheryl Tait
from Leonie Janken
from Michelle Mercer
from Roberta Lampert
from Ashre Landrum
from Rox Johnson and Stacey Benfer
from Susan Harlan
from Marsha Bergman
from Susan Schacher
from Eve Ellis
from Ronni Alexander
from Nancy Rankin
from David Brownell
from Eileen Liu
from Joyce Bichler
from Nina Smith
from Carrie Spector
from Carol Hibbert-Swegle
from Sharon Batt
from Big Wayne
from Irma Herrera
from B Louise Schine
from Estelle Disch
from Polly Ikonen
from Susan Tobin
from Ruth Herring
from J. Redwing Keyssar

Betty Burch
from Mary Cooper

Dallas Carter
from Sallie Jones

Donna Copeland
from Marion Thurnauer

Cherrie Cox
from Sallie Jones

June Gloria DeMore
from Melanie DeMore

Deanna DiNallo
from Traci Townsend

Dorothy and Lewis Friedman
from Beth Friedman

Anne Gordon
from Lisa Gordon

Barbara Gordon
from sarah strand

Sue Harradine
from Heather Burles

Helene Keyssar
from J. Redwing Keyssar

Patricia Hughes Brennan
from Katie Brennan and Albert Gasser

Janine Kairis
from Gwendolyn Stritter

Sherrie Kelley
from Rita and Ernest Tibbles

Mary Koskovich
from Robert Lawrence

Dorothy T. Krieger
from Nancy Krieger

Debbie S. Marcus
from Lauren Marcus

Lynne Matarrese
from Paul Czeladnicki

Carol McKee
from Gail Rodney

Kim Nelson
from Christine Fleming and Wazir Peller

Diane Olds
from Amy Wilson

Shoshana Orenstein
from Rena Orenstein

Debbie Peterson
from Jane B Pannell

Kim Pistey
from Marlene Fink and Stephen Lebbert

Bertha Pitot
from Donna Harris

Rose Quinn
from Tonia Wolf

My Mother, Anna M. Roos
from Anonymous

Mary Ross
from Mary Ross

Brenda Roth
from Sandra Morris

Anne Sachs
from Anonymous

Ruth Sands
from Margo L. Arcanin

Caitlin Schmidt-Colon
from Kathleen Finger

Princetta Scott
from Ann Fonfa

Sarah Sharbach
from Carole Ann Priven

Lucy Sherak
from Jean Dorrance
from Glaldys Sherak

Cheryl Stern
from Andrea Samartino

Lily Stocker
from Katy Mamen

Bev Stolker Drake
from Lynn Rigney Schott

Evelyn Telsey
from Nadia Telsey

Donola Temple
from Sallie Jones

Linda Tilley
from Jill Chapin

Theresa Todaro
from Jodiann Solito

Susan Tyzel
from Anonymous

Dorothy Vater Becker
from Elizabeth M. Becker

Virginia & Wirt Ward
from Joyce Dickerman

Katherine Watson
from Jennifer Stewart

Ruby Winston Rouson
from Brigette Rouson

Micky Wolfe
from Virginia Wolfe

from Raeah Sunn

from Susan Zager

My sister Kyra
from Nina Shafran

Those Who Came Before
from Michael Kerber

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