New Factsheet: Health Is More Than Healthcare: Inequities in Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Action has long understood that breast cancer is a disease that is greatly impacted by social injustices – political, economic and racial inequalities that result in disparities in breast cancer diagnosis, mortality and survival rates. We believe that these disparities stem from a complex interplay of economics, power, racism and discrimination. In order to understand which interventions will reduce the disparities, we need to fully understand the root causes of these disparities in the first place so that we can move beyond simple answers that fail to secure real change.

Our new factsheet Health is More Than Healthcare: Inequities in Breast Cancer articulates the complexity that connects inequities to disparities in breast cancer and identifies interventions that move beyond recommendations of increased mammography and access to care. Please take a minute to download the factsheet and share it with friends and family.

 Click here to download the factsheet. 

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