Ban Fracking Free National Conference Call for Activists

Join us for an important National Conference Call Wednesday, July 10th.

Date: Wednesday July 10
Time: 8pm ET, 5pm PT
Call: 559-726-1200
Code: 776632

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Did you watch President Obama’s big climate speech and find yourself yelling at your TV, radio, or computer as he called for a massive expansion of development of shale gas and oil? We did.

Friends, its time we came together to push back on this nonsense. We must let President Obama know that our energy future is not fracked.

On this call, we will discuss our response to Obama’s speech and roll out an exciting new national campaign to ban fracking on federal lands.

Here’s some more information and the background:

We were encouraged to hear that President Obama had a lot of good things to say about climate change and the need to take action, but his proposal to ramp up shale gas production as a bridge fuel is 100% backwards and threatens to undo any good that comes from other policy changes. His administration is about to make important decisions on fracking on federal lands. We must use this critical moment to come together and send a strong message to President Obama that fracking has no place in our energy future.

On the call we will be joined by public figures and some leading national and local grassroots organizations. We will discuss plans to ramp up a campaign to protect federal lands from fracking and push back on Obama’s gas expansion plans.

We’ve achieved a lot in the last six months as a coalition and we are at a real crossroads with our energy policy. Lets us build on the momentum of Gasland II, recent studies that further confirm the harms of fracking, and the amazing work being done across the country at the state and local level and really hit this out of the park.

Together we can shift the political debate, make the case for a ban on fracking, and turn this ship around.

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RSVP at our FB event link here

Breast cancer Action is a founding member of the Americans Against Fracking coalition. Created in 2012, this national coalition  of over 100 environmental, civic, health, and business organizations are coordinating a national strategy to ban fracking.

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