Chemical Reform Update – The Senate is Finally Listening, But They Need to Act

annie sartorBy Annie Sartor, Policy and Campaigns Coordinator

On July 31st, the U.S. Senate is holding a congressional hearing to consider the future of toxic chemical regulation. This hearing is a rare opportunity for us to tell our Senators what meaningful toxic chemical regulation should look like.

After years of hard work, we are thrilled that chemical reform is finally a priority for the current Senate. Recent reform efforts have been both very promising and very disappointing but so far, nothing has been passed and no change enacted.

Please take a moment to demand that your Senators attend the hearing and support only the strongest regulation to protect all of us from toxic chemicals.

A strong bill reforming our chemical regulations will reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals that lead to many health harms, including breast cancer. This is a rare opportunity to help stop breast cancer before it starts.

Act Now – Senators across the country are listening and need to hear from you. Tell them what real chemical reform looks like.

Tell your Senators that strong chemical regulation must address:

  • Burden of Proof: the burden of proof for chemical safety must be placed squarely on the shoulders of industry to prove their products are safe, rather than on the EPA to prove they are toxic.
  • Precautionary Principle: a strong chemical safety bill must require that products are proven safe before they enter the marketplace – rather than after they are already in our homes and our bodies.
  • Expedited Action on the Worst Chemicals: existing chemical regulation requires unnecessary red tape before the EPA can phase out a chemical identified as dangerous. Instead of creating obstacles for regulators to protect the public, strong chemical reform must allow for expedited action for the worst chemicals.
  • Protection for Heavily Impacted Communities: central to any proposed chemical regulation must be a special focus to reduce toxic chemicals in “hot spot” communities heavily impacted by chemical exposures.
  • Allowance for Existing Stronger Laws: federal chemical regulation cannot over-ride or water down existing state or regional laws protecting people from toxic chemicals.
  • Establish Deadlines and Timetables: this should go without saying, but chemical regulation should have a realistic implementation schedule that requires compliance and gives the EPA the necessary incentives and resources to implement changes necessitated by the new law.

Activists like you and me influence legislators. In the past, we’ve shown that when we come together, we can make change happen. Now is the time – please email your Senators today and tell them what strong chemical regulation looks like – before the Senate hearing on chemical reform tomorrow, Wednesday, July 31st. Thank you for taking a stand to ensure that any new chemical regulation is as strong as it can possibly be.


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