Making Our Voices Heard “Above the Clamor of Vested Interest”

Caitlin CarmodyBy Caitlin Carmody, Online Communications Coordinator

In The Guardian on Monday, Robin Russell-Jones posed the very good question: when it comes to the fracking debate, what can we learn from the campaign to eliminate lead, a known neurotoxin, from our air and bodies? It’s an important history lesson that you can read in full here.

Here’s the summary of lessons learned: 

  • “First, society will enthusiastically adopt new technology without considering the consequences.
  • Second, you cannot rely on industry to act in the public interest, even when their practices are going to pollute the entire planet.
  • Third, politicians are no more responsive to issues of public health than they were in the 18th century.
  • Fourth,remedial action only happens when individuals make their voices heard above the clamour of vested interest.
  • And finally disinformation is a standard industry tactic whenever profits are under threat.”

Breast Cancer Action has a long history of protesting toxic industries and practices that increase our risk of breast cancer, so Russell-Jones’ analysis of how the public, politicians, and industry behave in a debate about regulating toxic practices sounds very familiar. The task for advocates is to learn from our history and “make our voices heard above the clamor of vested interest.”

You can take action right now to help stop breast cancer before it starts:

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