Our Response to SF Chron’s Endorsement of Weak Fracking Bill

On August 29th, the San Francisco Chronicle published an editorial, “Put controls on fracking” that endorsed SB4, a weak bill that would not protect public health from the harms of fracking. We responded with the following letter to the editor, which was published in the Chronicle on August 31, 2013. 

Fracking, breast cancer
karuna2013“Your editorial “Put controls on fracking” (Aug. 29) argues that SB4 “represents a modest but essential check on fracking” and suggests that requiring drillers to disclose the chemicals they pump into the ground actually checks this dangerous practice.

It doesn’t. The fracking process inherently relies on toxic chemicals, including known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. The fracking industry can offer no guarantees that these chemicals won’t end up in our air, water, food and bodies.

It’s not enough, as the editorial suggests, for industry to tell us exactly what they are poisoning us with. Women with breast cancer have been the canaries in the coal mine long enough for us to know that effective legislation must protect public health to stop people from getting sick in the first place. Legislators should oppose fracking to protect public health. We won’t trade our health for economic gain. There’s no being undiagnosed with breast cancer.”

Karuna Jaggar, executive director, Breast Cancer Action, San Francisco

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