Think Before You Pink®: Toxic Time Is Up!

toxic time is up logo_ croppedBy Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director

Today is October 1st and I have a severe case of déjà vu. Congress and the President are facing off, yet again, while the public pays the price. And once again, countless corporations are enjoying the marketing bonanza of “Breast Cancer Industry Month” while women pay the price with their lives.

And, yet again, corporations are selling pink ribbon products in the name of breast cancer that contain chemicals linked to an increased risk of the disease.

Do you have any idea how many toxic chemicals are in the average pink ribbon product? Nope? Neither do we. Nor does anyone!

All anyone knows for certain is that only a small handful—about 200 of the over 80,000 chemicals in use in the United States—have been tested for human safety. And that’s a serious problem. For all of us. Enough is enough. I’m pushing back on pink!


Join me to take a stand to protect all women from toxic chemicals that are making us sick, because the manufacturers of pink ribbon products certainly won’t.

Right now, landmark legislation that could significantly impact cancer prevention is within reach. 

It’s time to turn our outrage over pinkwashing to action and ban the toxins that make us sick in the first place.

Whether you’re one of the quarter of a million women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year—women whose treatment can be affected by exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals contained in many of the cosmetic and household cleaning products we use every day. Whether you’re worried about a cancer recurrence—frustrated that your own purchasing choices represent just a small portion of the chemicals you’re exposed to. Or whether you want to reduce your chances of being diagnosed in the first place.

Join me and turn the groundswell of outrage at pink ribbon hypocrisy into a movement that will make history, a movement that has the power to change the course of this breast cancer epidemic. We can make protection from toxic chemicals a reality. We can reduce the risk breast cancer and countless devastating diseases and disorders before harm occurs.

Sign Breast Cancer Action’s petition. Demand an end to toxic pinkwashing. Demand chemicals be proven safe before they enter the marketplace—and our bodies.

Be part of the movement to make a difference long after the pink razzmatazz of October is over.

We’ve all heard the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This October, it’s time to stop walking and talking in circles and get straight to the point. Toxic Time Is Up.

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