Donations in Honor and Memory: Fall 2013

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.



BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between June 25, 2013 and November 4, 2013. 

Abigail Arons

   from Lean Maddock


Barbara Brenner

   from Suzanne and Michael Ziegler


Carole Burton

   from Lorraine Burton


Jodi Davi

   from Bonnie K. Sullivan


Sabita D’Costa

   from Catia Confortini


Sally Downs

   from Terri Morris Downs


Lise Faillettaz

   from Robert Nesheim


Tori Freeman

   from Crystal O’Keefe


Kay Giese

  from Jeannine M. Collins and John M. Workman


Cindy Goldstein

   from Lucille and Bernard Herr


Allison Guettner

   from Colleen Holland


Kristin Herndon

   from Katharine Herndon


Sahru Keiser

   from Women’s Cancer Resource Center


Deborah W. Laftis

   from Cythnia Benson


Lisa Marks

   from Linda Marks and Rafael Lopez


Carol Jenkins and Martin Sochet

   from Alice Abarbanel


Debbie Miller

   from Hannah Klein Connolly


Mary Woloson

   from Pamela Srigley-Starr



   from Terry Holzman


The Work We Are Doing

   from Nancy W. Rossen and Joel N. Rossen


Julie Smith

   from Kristen Wennberg


BCAction gratefully acknowledges online donations made in honor of the following individuals between June 25, 2013 and November 4, 2013. 


Abigail Arons
   from Cathie Ragovin    


Ann Brick
   from Rachel Brick    


Betsy Cardis
   from Kate & Troy Sheets    


Charlie and Elana Silver
   from May Lynn Tan    


Cindy McGuckin
   from Michelle Pomerleau    


Connie Gemson and Tim Greene
   from Jenny Goldsmith    


Deb Cohan
   from Debbie Bamberger    


Doctors, Nurses, Administration
   from Julie Goldman    


Donald Sherak
   from Judith Kummer    


Erlinda Baraan
   from Emily Baraan    


Galen Joseph
   from Beth Freedman    


Heather and Dave
   from Tracy Spencer    


Holly Downing
   from Jane Nielson    


Irma Hypes
   from Sean Cacho    
   from Jennifer Eis    


Joanne and Ellie
   from Amanda Yeaton-Massey    


Joey Hayes
   from Michelle McKenzie    


Julie Morgan
   from Daniel Horn    
   from Jo Ann Morgan    


Karuna Jaggar
   from Heather Phillips    


Linda Burnett
   from Ellen Grubert    


Margot Friedman
   from Elizabeth Zitrin    


Michelle Garcia
   from Ann Lewnes    


Minda Morton
   from Nora Fraser    


My 12 Hot Dates Event
   from Tori Freeman    


Nikki Sims
   from Lee Bartholomew    


Priscilla Rosenwald
   from Julie Becker    


Roberta Gelb
   from Pamela McDonald    


Roxanne Cohn & Lisa Greenwald-Swire
   from Michael Swire    


Susan Liroff
   from Marie Kochaver    


The Fabulous BCA Staff!
   from Adrienne Torf    


Tori Freeman’s Event
   from Melissa White    
   from Elizabeth Cardis    


Tracy Weitz
   from Sara Ainsworth    


Trish McMenimen
   from Gail Carpiniello    


Wendy James
   from Joseph Lyou    



BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between June 25, 2013 and November 4, 2013


Madeline Albers Burnham

   from Marilyn McBride


Pat Anesi

   from Lauri E. Fried-Lee


Barbara Brenner

   from Leslie Bernstein Saul Bernstein

   from Barbara B. and Joseph Blumenthal

   from Patricia De la Fuente and Robert Karasiewicz

   from Gary R. Enschede

   from Gayle Friedman

   from Eileen Goldman and Robert Gabriner

   from Susan R. Hester

   from Charlotte and Michael Horstein

   from Uma Kahn

   from Lucille Karr

   from Elizabeth Katz

   from Helen Love

   from Sarah R. Moore and David Begler

   from Patricia A. Murphy

   from Diana Oswald

   from Judith A. Patrick

   from Janette Sherman

   from Virginia S. Tarika

   from Lisa Wanzor

   from Carolyn and Stanley Wiener

   from Carol Yaggy and Mary Twomey

   from Betty and Martin Slavney

   from Luita and Arthur Persyko


Alma Borenstein Ohly

   from Barbara B. and Joseph Blumenthal


Donna Drabble

   from Laurie Drabble


Judith Effron

   from Helen Effron


Sue Fine

   from Joyce Bichler and Michael Kimbarow


Barbara Garlock

   from Rebecca A. Fontaine

   from Christy L. Greene

   from Karen Palmer


Lita Jans

   from Steven L. Mayer and Randy Milden

   from Kathleen S Padden


Elizabeth Leary Walsh

   from Suzanne Walsh


Nancy Leventhal

   from Joan and Steve Goldblatt


Lynne Matarrese

  from Rivkin Radler, LLP


Donna Meyers

  from Jeff Meyers


Carolyn Schultz

   from Lisa Schultz


Mimi Shoemaker

   from Michelle Gannon


Pat Singer

   from Katanya Jackson-Henry


Barbara Glines Standley

   from Elisabeth S. Smith


Pat Stocking Brown

   from Joanne McCartan


Susan Tyzel

  from Ellen Sue Jacobson


Moira Vilardo

   from Kirsten Walters


BCAction gratefully acknowledges online donations made in memory of the following individuals between June 25, 2013 and November 4, 2013. 


Barbara Bosma Garlock
   from Cathi Clark    

   from Nancy Cottingham    

   from Caroline Yang    


Barbara Brenner
   from Rachel Brick    

   from Estelle Disch    

   from Tori Freeman    

   from Julie Ohnemus    

   from Bryan & Kristin Gardner    

   from Jocie Sobieraj    

   from Robbie Lipsman    


Caron Grin
   from Silvia Vaher    


Eileen Noonan
   from Annie Noonan    


Elyce Mee
   from Melissa Mee    


Erlinda B. Baraan
   from Eliseo Baraan    


Florence Jacobson
   from Sarina Schick    


Gretchen Wyler
   from Nora Fraser    


Howard J Gilby
   from Barbara Gilby    


Jari Vandenberg
   from Ralph Smith    


Jean Payton
   from Valerie Deering    


Joni Howkins
   from Gina Parrado    


Judy Hansen
   from Carol Matson    


Laurel Hedley
   from Mary Hedley    


Lita Jans
   from Shary Nunan    
   from Susanna Levin    
   from Barbara Jans    
   from Linda S. Knox    
   from Steven and Catherine Freemire    
   from Gina Jans    
   from Melinda Wheeler    


Liz Torok
   from Stephanie Horne    


Lori Hoover
   from James Butler    


Marcy Libster
   from Rachelle Fox    


   from Tracy Spencer    


Maureen Guzzetti
   from Kara Guzzetti    


Michelle Bison
   from Joseph Lyou    


Mila Barton
   from Babe Barton    


Rita Arditti

   from Estelle Disch    


Susan Winkler Rosen
   from Eric Solomon    
   from Matthew Bichler    
   from Justin Kamen    
   from Benjamin Kreisman    

Suzi Dodd
   from Nancy Kelly    

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