New Fact Sheet: Disparities in Breast Cancer: Through the Breast Cancer-Care Continuum

Sahru KeiserBy Sahru Keiser, Education and Mobilization Coordinator

Our newest factsheet, Disparities in Breast Cancer: Through the Breast Cancer-Care Continuumcomplements the Inequities in Breast Cancer fact sheet and builds on our work to address the ways in which inequities in breast cancer are the invisible, underlying forces that drive the disparities we see in this breast cancer epidemic. This new factsheet describes the landscape of breast cancer disparities from diagnosis through treatment, survival and mortality to understand how social injustices – political, economic, and racial inequalities – lead to disparities in breast cancer incidence and outcomes.

“Underserved communities experience extreme health disparities in many diseases and breast cancer is no exception. The rate of most diseases is higher among poorer communities that are predominantly comprised of people of color; however, the reverse is true for breast cancer. There are actually higher rates of breast cancer in higher income communities. However, the greater disparity lies in breast cancer after diagnosis. African American women have a 40% higher chance of dying from breast cancer than white women. These disparities are rooted in a complex interplay of economics, power, racism and discrimination that lead to a variety of social injustices, including major inequities in healthcare.”  Excerpt from the introduction to Disparities in Breast Cancer: Through the Breast Cancer-Care Continuum.

Click here to download a PDF of this fact sheet. 



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