Volunteer Spotlight: Sheila Kitts

 By Angela Wall, Communications Director

At Breast Cancer Action, we are always in need of volunteers, people who freely dedicate their time and to our advocacy and education work. Our volunteers are the ones who make the difference; they help us to ‘step it up a level.’ They’re often behind the scenes at events, the researchers behind campaigns, the creatives behind the visual logos, the hands that stuff envelopes, make copies, etc. The generosity of our volunteers means we can put every dollar you donate towards programs to address and end the breast cancer epidemic. We count on our volunteers, so if you are interested in volunteering, check out our volunteer page and get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Sheila Kitts from Abilene, TX

Sheila Kitts photoI am a wife and mother of three boys. I run a one-woman business out of my home that I call Soapbox–a graphic design company that works exclusively with nonprofits.

I chose to volunteer with Breast Cancer Action because I believe in the organization and the cause. But more personally, I chose to volunteer because Breast Cancer Action is made up of people who have talents and character that I admire but lack. Though I am passionate about the cause, I am not bold. I’m not loud. I’m not a born leader. I worry about bothering people with my views. I am a quiet, vote-with-your-dollar at the farmer’s market type of person. But I wish I had the gifts that the people of Breast Cancer Action have!

So the only thing I can think of to do is to support people like those who work at Breast Cancer Action with the talents I was given, so that maybe those amazing bold, loud people can take my well-designed piece of paper or graphics file and use it as a tool to promote and call attention to the important work they do. The staff at BCAction have been so appreciative of the work I’ve done, but it’s I who owe thanks to them . . . for standing up for me and the ones I love while I sit in my living room! I am very proud to support such people and such an organization.

Editor’s note:  Breast Cancer Action is deeply grateful to Sheila for her pro bono work designing the Toxic Time Is Up logo, a festive e-alert banner, and the insert for our year-end fundraising letter, and for volunteering time and creative consults in numerous and endless ways. Thank you Sheila Kitts!


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