I Donate In Honor of My Mom, Linda

By Lori Baralt, BCAction Board of Directors

I lost my mother—Linda Baralt—to breast cancer 21 years ago when I was only 12 years old. My mom was an incredibly compassionate person. She extended her love beyond her family, teaching us to always care for others. She was a teacher’s aide at our elementary school and actively involved in the PTA. She was so committed to my sister and me. 

Every day, I wish my mom was still here. I miss her voice, her laugh. Miss how she hugged. I desperately want to talk to her as a grown woman. 

Lori and her mother, Linda

Lori and her mother, Linda

I can’t get her back, but I can invest in an organization that is committed to a day when fewer women are diagnosed with breast cancer, when no community is disproportionately impacted by this devastating disease, and when all women have access to more effective, less toxic treatments. That’s why I support Breast Cancer Action.

Because I lost my mom at such a young age, I quickly learned that none of us can know how much time we have on earth. So I love hard and live well and strive to make a difference while I’m here. I keep with me the lessons my mom taught me during her too brief lifetime, and I try to live every day in a way that honors her life. I choose to support Breast Cancer Action because I want to honor my mom.

I deepened my commitment to Breast Cancer Action two years ago by joining the Board of Directors. I know my mom would be proud that I am investing my time and money in an organization that truly puts patients at the heart of their work. To ensure they can always put patients before corporate profits, BCAction has a strong corporate contributions policy: they refuse corporate funding from any company that profits from or contributes to the breast cancer epidemic.  


I want to end the breast cancer epidemic. That is why I donate my time and money every year to honor my mom, as well as women everywhere living with this disease and in memory of those who are no longer with us. Thank you for investing in Breast Cancer Action with a gift that is meaningful to you so that they can continue their fearless work to end this epidemic.


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