Take Action to Stop Bad Chemical Bill In Its Tracks

annie sartorBy Annie Sartor, Policy and Campaigns Coordinator

The Chemicals in Commerce Act satisfies the needs of corporations and fails to protect public health. We must stop it in its tracks.

The House of Representatives has introduced a draft of the Chemicals in Commerce Act that is a gift to the chemical industry and offers very little real chemical safety reform. If adopted, this new bill would fail to protect us from toxic chemicals linked to many diseases and disorders – including breast cancer. 


Take Action. Tell Congress today that you aren’t falling for phony chemical reform.
Together, we can stop this bill before corporations push it through Congress.

We need chemical reform that protects public health. We oppose the Chemicals in Commerce Act because: 

  • It allows known toxic chemicals like lead, asbestos, formaldehyde, chromium, and cadmium to remain on the market and in our homes;
  • It provides limited health and safety information on chemicals; 
  • It fails to protect the most impacted or vulnerable populations, such as pregnant women, people exposed to hazardous chemicals at work, and other disproportionately affected communities;
  • It rolls back existing state regulations, and prevents the implementation of new, stronger state laws.

We badly need comprehensive chemical reform that protects public health, not this watered-down, industry-friendly distraction.

Take action today. Tell your Representative that you oppose this bad bill that falls far short of protecting public health.

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