Donations in Honor and Memory: Spring 2014

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.


BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between November 5, 2013 and April 2, 2014.

All of My Friends With the Disease
from Elizabeth Merck

Laura Anderson
from Rebecca Pinto

Geva Arcanin
from Margo L. Arcanin

Tina Barnes
from Betsy Aubrey and Steve Lichtenberg

BCAction’s newsletter, The Source
from Eva and Daniel Langton

Deborah Behrakis
from Carole L. Mendelsohn

Jamie Bezole
from Karen Strauss

Joyce Bichler
from Anonymous
from Denise and Todd Helfstein
from Marcia and Alan Kimbarow
from Lucille Saks
from Arlene and Robert Stams

Joyce Bichler and Michael Kimbarow
from Carl and Elaine Coelho

Alison Braverman
from Vicki Green

Jill Brown
from Nancy and Richard Curtin

Eve Borenstein
from Karen Strauss

Ruth Borenstein
from Karen Strauss

Susan Burdett
from Allyson Johnson

from Kimberly Heim

Natalie Compagni Portis
from Beverly Portis

from Karen Klein and Ben Golvin

Adele Dener
from Karen Strauss

Coon Family
from Anonymous

Susan Fine
from Robert Clark

Janet Frost
from Gail and Barry Kaufman

Elena Fuentef-Afflick
from Trinidad Madrigal

Roberta Gelb
from Roy Nachowitz

Dorothy Geoghegan
from Joseph S. Conway

Lori Leigh Gieleghem
from Karen Merritt

Thelma Ginnis and Michele DeTunno
from Annita Ginnis

Trudy Goldau
from Sharon Goldau

The Athey Grandchildren
from Coral J. Fry

Amy Halio
from Suzi Goldmacher

Kerri Hamernick’s mom
from Julie Morgan

Sarah Harding
from Pat and Randy Demuri

Jean Hardisty
from Amelie Ratliff

Katanya Henry
from Barbara J. Attard

Irma Hypes
from Denise Holmes

Alison Jaggar
from Beverly Canin

Karuna Jaggar
from Judith A. Patrick

Kara Guzzetti
from Peter Guzzetti

Catherine Jonas
from Melissa DeBenedetto

Gwen Kibbe
from Janet Phillips

from Karen Klein and Ben Golvin

Kathy Klos
from Anonymous

Susie Lampert
from Lorie Nachlis and Abby Abinanti
from Kyra Subbotin and Henry Siegel

Linda’s mom
from Erica Bigelow

JoAnn Loulan
from Jayne Mordell
from Diane Mosbacher and Nanette Gartrell
from JoAnn Ogden and Janet Luce
from Mary Orbe
from Bonnie and Andrew Sterngold
from Lisa Troedson

Tracy Lutz
from Tiffany Boyle

Many Friends
from Alice Lowe

Rosie Madrigal
from Trinidad Madrigal

from Karen Klein and Ben Golvin

Barb Martinez
from Dave Patriarche

from Beth Blevins

Hilde Meislin
from Barbara J. Meislin and Stuart Kaplan

Nesanet Mitiku
from Lisa Harbus

Rachel Morello-Frosch
from Karen Strauss

Julie Morgan
from Jo Ann Morgan

Lori Morton
from Robert D. Morton

from Alison Braverman
from Anonymous

My Husband
from Nancy Fitzpatrick

My Sister
from Kathleen Dunckel

from Karen Klein and Ben Golvin

Juanita Sanchez
from Jennifer Molina

Sandra Park, Skadden Fellow
from Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

from Karen Klein and Ben Golvin

Franny Posner
from Fran Danoff

Nancy Poyourow
from Carole Poyourow

Raya Sass Rubin
from Julia Rubin and Gregory Stankiewicz

Madeleine Severin
from Judith Goldberger

Elana Silver
from Tami Wallenstein

Rachel Silvers
from Anonymous

Jocelyn Sobieraj
from Janet and Jerome Sobieraj

Dorian Solot
from Suzanne Miller

Kyra Subbotin
from Laura Enriquez

Rochelle Wunsch
from Barbara Wunsch

Cindy Zimmerman
from Tiffany Boyle

Linda Zumwalt
from Anonymous

Patti Zussman, for her birthday
from Lois Zussman


BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between November 5, 2013 and April 2, 2014.

Pat Anesi
from Anonymous

Annie V.
from Corky Wick

Rita Arditti
from Estelle Disch
from Barbara Rubin

Linda Baralt
from Mary Lorraine Carson

Annie Barr
from Harry A. Blanton

Dorothy Becker
from Elizabeth M. Becker

from Corky Wick

Joy Bol
from Anonymous

Barbara Brenner
from Anonymous (2)
from Diane Beeson and Donald Warrin
from Sandra Blair
from Lawrence Brenner and Roderic Hooks
from Mark Brenner
from Richard and Barbara Brenner
from Cheri Bryant
from Tiffany Boyle
from Susi and Donald Cell
from John Connolly
from Estelle Disch
from Nancy Davis and Donna Hitchens
from Glikman Associates, K. Glikman, M.C. Duboscq, J. DelLa
from Bruce Gold
from Julie Lynn Goldman and Robert M. Rosner
from Nanci and Donald Grail
from Irma D. Herrera and Mark D. Levine
from Nickie Hilbert
from Lisa Honig and Dale Schroedel
from Leonie and Glen Janken
from M. Anne Jennings
from Susan Laskin
from Mary Law
from Kelly Moran
from Carolyn Nelka
from Deborah and Peter Nelson
from Kathleen J. Purcell
from Tom Reilly and Kevin James
from Belle Shayer
from Megan Silverman
from Karen Stevenson and Bill McClave
from Margaret Stevenson and Karen Topakian
from Susan and Robert Vanneman
from Lisa Westerback
from Laurie J. Woodard
from Stan Yogi
from Jane Sprague Zones and Stacey Zones

Leslie Brenner
from Diane and Edwin Bernbaum

Betty J. Brown
from Cheryl Wilson Stevens

Darcy Bryant
from Mark Ewell

Selma Butter
from Marsie Scharlatt

Shirley Camden
from Sarah Douglas

Terry Chauche
from Lisa Westerback

Rachel Cheetham Moro
from Mary Goldman
from N. John Lombardi

from Sallie Jones

Laura Cole
from Miriam Stombler and Kevin Kelem

Elena Cross
from Sandra Cross

Jean S. Davis
from Nancy Davis and Donna Hitchens
from Colleen McDermott
from Lee Ann Slinkard and Maria Morris

Gordon Dickson
from Dorothy Polash

Fern Doniger
from Florence Grossgold

from Sallie Jones

Donna Drabble
from Laurie Drabble

Christine Drucker
from Robert Nesheim

Susanne Duerden
from Sandra Cross

Linda Dyer
from Anonymous

Rosalind Lambert Easley
from Gail B. Gough

Miriam Eng
from Tonia Wolf

Karen D. Ennis
from Nancy Davis and Donna Hitchens

Beth Joseph Ervais
from Julie Becker

Ellen Lew
from Anonymous

Pat Folan
from Barbara and Alan Krause

Phebe Frank
from Lisa Westerback

Aunt Rathie Gerstman
from Anne Lazarus

Deena Glass
from Ellie Waxman and Joanne Yeaton

Lee Godfrey
from Emily Godfrey

Ann Cathy Goldsmith
from Michael Parilla

Ann Goldsmith Barr
from Julie Benaris
from Todd Burns
from Karen Hawkinson
from James Metiva
from Jeany Park
from Amy Robertson
from Carol Ward
from Anne S. Witt

Dido Hasper
from Eileen Schnitger

Mother Hattie
from Francine S. Derman

Kathy Haycock
from Cynthia Reed Buck

Gert Holtzman
from Susan Nierenberg

June Jordan
from Frances Gleitman and Marilyn Trager

Sherrie Kelley
from Rita and Ernest Tibbles

Jeanette Kerr
from Nene and James Koch

Gayle M. Kincannon
from Anonymous

Judee King
from Kathleen and Ralph Harms

from Richard Werbel

Sandra Kugelmann
from Rachelle Fox

Jana Lane
from Ruby S. Bernstein

Marcy Libster
from Rachelle Fox

Felicia Louie
from Anonymous

Ellen Rice Lowery
from Margaret Lowery Walsh

Kay Lyou
from Russell G. Worden and Janette R. Lawrence

Margaret Mann
from Anonymous

Suzanne McGuinn
from Brian McGuinn

Leona McQueen
from Gail Christensen
from Henry Egashira
from Kimberly Hughes
from Nancy Nedved
from Carol Woodruff

Cynthia Jameson
from Charlotte Jurehn-Lewis

Jane Mary Mikrut
from Linda Johnson

My Mother
from Elle Hoffnagel

from Ronnie Sandler

Barbara Neckel
from Mary L. Drinnon

Tanya Neiman
from Brett Mangels

Dr. Marti Nelson
from Patricia Jordan

Jean Neuhauser
from Laurie Salen

Dr. Laura K. Padilla
from Leila Binder
from Colorado College Anthropology Department
from Eric Levensky
from Genevieve Love
from Eric Perramond
from Lilia R. Rosas
from Kristie Simmons
from Amanda Udis-Kessler

Rhoda Fay Parrish, my mother
from Donna Mysior

Dr. Carol Pepper
from Anonymous

Debbie Escobido Pierson
from Nikki Nahmens Gage

Elenore Pred
from Dena and Ralph Lowenbach
from Lisa Pred-Sosa and Juan Sosa

Nancy Prestopino
from Anne Benoit and Joseph McNally

Melissa Quan
from Charlotte Jurehn-Lewis

Jo Marie Renzi Thompson
from Susan Thompson French

Dolores Rhodes
from Julie Rivera

Janice Richter
from Anonymous

Bette Rae Ritchey
from Nora Ritchey

Anna M. Roos
from Anonymous

Anne Rosenbaum
from Neshama Franklin

Brenda Roth
from Nikki Nahmens Gage

Tina A. Ruppel
from John L. Ruppel

Miriam Shapiro
from Dianne and Nelson Shapiro

Helen Tonegato
from Theresa Attard

Eunice Smith
from Doris and Stanley Long

Phyllis Schooley
from Cheryl Wilson Stevens

Heidi Sommer
from Lori Friedman

from Sallie Jones

Christine Tamblyn
from Ruth Tamblyn

Auntie Cozy and Uncle Paul
from Kim Fujikawa

Moira Vilardo
from Kirsten Walters

Judith Marie Wadsworth Helfant
from David Helfant

Jan Wagner
from Carol and Mark Sontag

Yetta Waldman
from Helayne Waldman

Catherine Wallace
from Maria Chir

Christie Werbel
from David Helfant

Frances Wilcox
from Emily Hoyer and Bonnie Faigeles

Hannah Wilks
from Marsie Scharlatt

Jackie Winnow
from Helen Vozenilek

Willi Evans Wolfe
from Caroline Villa

Micky Wolfe
from Virginia Wolfe

Sharon Wright
from Theresa Attard



BCAction gratefully acknowledges online donations made in honor of the following individuals between November 5, 2013 and April 2, 2014.

Becky Anderson
from Loren Anderson

Abigail Arons
from Wendy Mnookin

Linda Baralt
from Katie Curva

Cynthia Biboux
from Cynthia Biboux

Joyce Bichler
from Donne Davis

Joyce Bichler’s Birthday
from Roberta Elman

Alma Busby-Williams
from Patricia Horan

Beverly Canin
from Patricia Carroll-Mathes

Carol Dilworth
from Lauren Owens

Anna Egelhoff
from Kate Morgan-Chu

Lulu Escoto
from Ophelia Ebert

Margot Friedman
from Elizabeth Zitrin

Alicechandra Fritz
from Margaret Conkey

Margaret Fuller
from Laurie Fuller

Judy Goldstein
from Nadia Telsey

Thelma Grabill
from Dawn Grabill

Diane Hamako
from Eric Hamako

Erin Hyman
from Julie Morgan

Katie Johnson
from Julie Morgan

Kim Klein
from Joyce Bichler

Nadine Kramer
from Merila Kramer

Liza Kramer
from Alina Salganicoff

Suzanne Lampert
from David Salk

Stephanie Lee
from Deneitra Hutchinson

Susan Liroff
from Marie Kochaver

JoAnn Loulan
from Tracy Sherman

Sara Maamouri
from Deborah Garcia

Jane Matz
from Simona Ghirlanda

Leona L. McQueen
from Stephanie Vuolo

Emily Oppenheimer
from Janet Warren

Teresa Mae Peters
from Heather Cantino
from Liam Smit

Alina Pringle
from Aneita Pringle

Laurie Pringle
from Aneita Pringle

Marilyn Reed Merino
from Stephanie Schus

Elisabeth Rieping
from Gudrun Kemper

Patricia Rosso
from Francesco Russo

Judith Rowan
from Vincent Contreras

Mary Pat Ruane
from Kimberly Ruane

Ellen Schwerin
from Michelle Pearl
from Lee Sider

Bernice Shoobe
from Bruce Wolfeld

Jessica Stoval
from Andrea Keeth

Carlene Thompson
from Jeff Thompson

Theresa Timpson
from Sandy Jones-Kaminski

Susan Winkler Rosen
from Daniel Flaxman

Joanne Yeaton
from Patricia Chu

Cindy Zimmerman
from Tiffany Boyle

My First Year Cancer Free
from Lauren C.

Tori Freeman’s Event
from Elizabeth Cardis

All Women
from Kathryn Rathvon

The Shapiro Women
from Carol Sontag


BCAction gratefully acknowledges online donations made in memory of the following individuals between November 5, 2013 and April 2, 2014.

Katie Allen
from Margaret Rossoff

Charlie Andrews
from Steven and Gail Shak

Rita Arditti
from Gilda Bruckman
from Estelle Disch

Jennifer Arnold Smith
from Loren Anderson

Sonia Barness
from Jeannine Esposito

Valerie Baruch
from Kathryn Burns

Gloria Belmont
from Barbara Belmont

Krista Brandt Calegari
from Donna Hiraga-Stephens

Barbara Brenner
from Shelley Alpern
from Holly Anderson
from Tiffany Boyle
from Joseph Brenner
from Justin Brenner
from Matthew Coles
from Penelope Cooper
from Brenda Eskenazi
from Amy Harris
from Leonie Janken
from Gudrun Kemper
from Jellila Khatib
from Donna Korones
from Kimberly Lau
from Robbie Lipsman
from Susan Liroff
from Peggy Orenstein
from Sandra Piper
from Elizabeth Pritzker
from Cathie Ragovin
from David Salk
from Heather Sawitsky
from Bambi Schwartz
from Neil Solomon
from Marie Vitulli
from Alice Wolfson

Gloria Brouillette
from Donna Houle

Patricia Brown
from susan stocking

Kimberly Butler
from Kimberly Butler
Loretta Byrd
from Lisa Lyon

Trisha Creekmore
from Suzanne Cogen

Cheryl Daly
from Lori Daly

Denyse Elizabeth DiPietro
from Gloria Prater
Catherine Z. Dorn
from Donna Van Hook

Karen Fine
from blue walcer

Billie Gardner Loulan
from Gardner Loulan
from JoAnn Loulan

Wave Geber
from Mitchell Gillman

Frances Gerber
from Rosemary Gerber

Kristal Germroth
from Ann Rasmussen

Deena Glass
from Marty Sochet

Ann Goldsmith Barr
from Joanna Bloom
from Margot Carrington
from Eileen Galen
from Marsha Ginsberg
from Kathryn Hartrick
from Jane Hutchins
from Madeline Kokes
from Amy Robertson
from Fern Russak
from Kevin Schrader
from Nancy and Murray Skurnik
from Krista Van Engelen

Elsie E. Grail
from Gail Buffington Gough
from Michael Jesada

Mimi Gray
from Victoria Gray

Cheryl Hammond
from Sandy Jones-Kaminski

Rebecca Harvey
from John and Chris Trujillo
Andrya Lynn Hirsh Ramer
from Nathaniel Ramer

Jan Holden
from Barbara Bryant

Lori Hoover
from James Butler

Patsy Hull Pease
from Susan Heitner

Beverly Israel
from Jill Israel

Molly Ivins
from Evelyn Wilson

Lita Jans
from Elaine Costello
from Gina Jans

Marnie Cameron Kohn
from Melinda Vale

RoseMarie Korman
from Judith Coyote

Sandy Kugelman
from Inga Marie Carmel

Sara Maamouri
from Deborah Garcia

Cindy Ohlson Manalang
from Kristina Chamorro
from Annie Sweetnam
from Amy Wilson

Rachael Marimont
from Herbert van den Bergh

Karin S. Masal Hurley
from Valarie Kalb

Colleen McDermott
from Lee Ann Slinkard

Leona L. McQueen
from Stephanie Vuolo

Sarah Narosny
from Kathy Marks

Diane Olds
from Amy Wilson

Rita Ann Ordille
from Nola Lorincz

Stephanie Pacheco
from Stephanie Pacheco

Mom Palmer
from Kathryn Rathvon

Fay Parrish
from Joseph Parrish

Teresa Mae Peters
from Kenneth Apacki
from Heather Cantino
from Liam Smit

Elenore Pred
from Laura Bresler
from Julia Tower

Mignon Richmond
from Simone Richmond

Brenda Roth
from Sandra Morris

Patricia Schlough
from Joanna Trygstad

Kristen Schraven
from Theresa Wilson

Wendy Sessel Schwartz
from Loren Linder

Sara Snyder
from Sara Snyder
Susan Stone
from Lee Sider

Barbara Sundlof Tingey
from Erika Tingey

Helen Van Camp
from Janet Bruchmann

Jane Vandevan Koch
from Rebecca Koch

Jan Wagner
from Carol Sontag

Alma Warner
from Kathryn Davis

Mary Elizabeth Wight
from Sandi & David Riggs

Susan Winkler Rosen
from Matthew Bichler
from Daniel Flaxman
from Justin Kamen
from Benjamin Kreisman
from Eric Solomon

Dina Genovese Wittner
from Beth Amy Levine

Noah Wolfson
from Alice Wolfson

from Daniel Mason


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