Special Thanks: Spring 2014

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We could not do this work without the support of so many members and volunteers. A huge thank you  to:

  • Erika Luger – much appreciation for your help with our strategic planning process.
  • Alan Kleinschmidt and the San Francisco Choral Society for continuing to feed our souls with complimentary tickets to their fabulous performances for our board, staff and volunteers.
  • Susan Karp, Sara Brandon, Rhea Flores and Julie Morgan for answering many last minute calls for assistance with projects in the office.
  • Sara Brandon for her ongoing administrative help.
  • Sarah Rocklin for her willingness to share her expertise and to help out wherever needed.
  • Ted Schettler, Science Director of the Science and Environmental Health Network, for his engaging and informative presentation on February’s webinar “The Ecology of Breast Cancer with Ted Schettler, MD MPH.
  • Diana Zuckerman, President of the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund of the National Research Center for Women & Families, for her wonderful presentation on March’s webinar “FDA Approval: Who’s Being Harmed and Who’s Being Helped?”
  • Vickie Williams for her energy and commitment to our Community Leaders for Change program representing BCAction at the Hampton Roads Marketplace Enrollfest in Hampton, VA on March 7th.
  • Michelle Garcia for her time and energy as a Community Leader for Change representing BCAction at the 13th Annual Allison Taylor Holbrooks/Barbara Jo Johnson Breast Cancer Conference in San Francisco on March 1st.
  • Valerie Deering for organizing two more Pink Ribbons, Inc. screenings in Merriam, KS on Feb 18th and Kansas City, MO on Jan 15th.
  • Ryan and Chris Haigh for organizing and inspiring 65 fundraisers who raised over $30,000 dollars for Breast Cancer Action through their Beards for Boobs campaign.

10th Anniversary of the Billie Gardner Loulan Memorial Celebration

Event Chair: JoAnn Loulan

Event Hosts: Debbie and Andy Rachleff

Phenomenal live auction and comedy duo, Paul Barrosse and Victoria Zielinski
Special musical performance by Lisa Loeb, accompanied by Ronny Crawford

Event Sponsors

Julie Goldman & Bob Rosner
Lori & Deke Hunter
Ginny Kavanaugh
Karen Klein & Ben Golvin
Suzanne & Jim Kohlberg
Tashia & John Morgridge
Lee Ann Slinkard & MariaMorris
Alison Superko & Brian Mills
Karen Tate
Susan Valeriote & Ken Goldman
Plumbline Coaching and Consulting

Invitation and Graphic Design: Amber Ramies
Event Volunteers:
Sinead Corwin
Jennifer Crawford
Jenn Meyer
Julie Morgan
Erin Parsons-Wright
Armin Staprans
Amy Washburn & daughters

Weir Catering & Event Planning
Michael S. Hensley Party Rental & Sales
Scotty Dog Sound

A very special thank you to the group of donors who helped raise over $62,000 by participating in a generous matching grant opportunity by the Laurel Foundation!

  • Jan Avilla
  • Janice Brody
  • Susan Brown
  • Claudia Cappio
  • Cathy Carlson
  • Diane Carr
  • Nancy & John Cassidy
  • Maryann Derwin
  • Joanne Donsky
  • Donna Dubinsky
  • Mary & Emily English-Freeman
  • Kathy & Robert Feldman
  • Joan Finnigan
  • Stephanie & Fredric Harman
  • Pan Haskins
  • Sheryl & Anthony Klein
  • Suzanne & Jim Kohlberg
  • Laurel Foundation
  • Sally Lillis
  • Sharon & Mark Lockareff
  • Gardner Loulan & Liz Miracle
  • JoAnn Loulan & Ronny Crawford
  • John & Susie Loulan
  • Brett Mangels
  • Wendy McPherson & Djuna Woods
  • Julie Morgan
  • Mary Orbe
  • Dorothy Polash
  • Debra & Andrew Rachleff
  • Michelle & Roxy Rapp
  • Nora & Scott Ritchey
  • Angela & Sam Schillace
  • Tracy Sherman
  • Lee Ann Slinkard & Maria Morris
  • Carol Sontag
  • Bonnie & Andrew Sterngold
  • Mara Wallace
  • Laure Woods
  • Carla Wray
  • Jennifer & Bill Youstra 

In-kind Donors:

  • Debbie & Andy Rachelff
  • Lauren Denenberg
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  • Hotel Monaco – Baltimore
  • Shaquille O’Neil
  • Susie Fox
  • John Dawson & Jennie Savage
  • Jesse Cool
  • Weir Catering
  • Local Take/Jenn Meyer & Kyra Brown 
  • Laura Stec
  • Ronny Crawford
  • Lisa Staprans
  • Ron Crawford
  • Rachel DuClos
  • Romi and Cassis
  • Skinspirit
  • Fraiche Yogurt
  • Tacolicious
  • Karen Samuels
  • Rosewood Sand Hill
  • Tom Raimes /Portola Valley Garage 
  • Sandra Park
  • Vidovich Vineyards 
  • Shelley Sweeney
  • Jennifer Stills
  • Village Pub
  • Valerie Russell
  • La Toque
  • Stagland Family Vineyard 
  • James Horn
  • Sam Turner
  • Terry Marsh and Debbie Cruz / FX SalonJoshua Ets-Hokin Photography
  • Good Vibrations
  • Andrew Luck 

Seeing Red: The Truth About Pink Ribbons

Event Planning Committee:
Abigail Arons
Fiona Barrett
Raquel Barrientos
Linda Burnett
Beverly Canin
Terry Holzman
Ngina Lythcott

Callie Crossley

Ellen Leopold
Ngina Lythcott
Karuna Jaggar

Event Sponsors:
Linda Burnett Realty
Estelle Disch
Jean Hardisty

In-kind Donors:
Cape Cod Natural Foods
Boston Organics
Northeastern University School of Law
Rebecca’s Cafe

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